Winter Summer Reunion Week 3 Overview

We’ve had lots of kapow in events gone by, but now it’s time for some more K-pop, as a trip down a Korean memory lane comes to Quahog in the Winter Summer Reunion  event.


8th May 2019 at 3PM PDT

This is a 3 week event!!!

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


***Post is complete***

***This Event is inspired by the Candy, Quahog Marshmallow episode of the show ***

***Bad Boy Peter isn’t showing as yet, but I’ll talk about this more later***

***Check if you got your 15 Clams for completing Boys In The Band set, my set changed to show Bad  Boy Cleveland was required to complete, but has now changed back to K-Pop Cleveland and set completed, but I didn’t get the pop up or the 15 clams***


Version 1.88.0


There’s a 10 Clam  reward for completing Main Questline.


I know duplicate characters and lockout issues are continuing for some, I’ve reported back on this numerous times to TinyCo and they advise they are still working all out on a fix.

Old Questlines triggering. I’ve currently got 10 that have reappeared in my game, mostly related to the Hot, Wet Summer Quahog event. I’ve reported this.

If you are having any other issues let me know in the comments.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – K-Pop Idol
FaceSpace Sets


K-Pop Idol

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress.

There’s a 10 Clam Reward for completing the Questline.

Squatter button

This is a new feature added last week to make it easier to find what TinyCo call Squatters, that’s the little baddies we clear during events, this week it’s still Paparazzi. But this time it’s back to bombing them and if you want to take out the maximum 4 with one bomb you’ll need to pull your sidewalks up. This is where I thought the button wouldn’t be as useful as it could be.

Anyway to use it this week, simply tap on the walking icon located at the center of the right edge of the screen and the game will automatically set the target on a  Paparazzi. But as I say you can clear 4 with one bomb if you get them bunched  together.

Tell us if you like this new function in the poll HERE!


Bad Boy Cleveland (Character Costume): Costs 270  Clams. Has tasks that drop following :  BB Gun (4hrs), Bribe Money (8hrs), Bribe Gold (8hrs) and Spikey Bracelet (8hrs).

Bad Boy Joe (Character Costume): You’ll see him to create in Al Harrington’s. Please note he has 5 unlock items, you need to scroll across these to see the 5th item, Rhinestones, in the unlock screen.
17 Sunglasses (Common): Get from Herbert Try On Glasses, Grand Imperial Kitty Kat
15 Edgy Collar (Always): Get from Fold N Go Phones
15 Spikes Bracelet (Uncommon): Get from Dr Hartman Rebel Against The System, Bad Boy Cleveland Show Some Attitude, Beer Bowl Show
25 Leather Jackets (Always): Get from Tom attacking Punk Cheerleader
45 Rhinestones (Uncommon): Get from clearing Paparazzi 

Bad Boy Peter (Character Costume): I’m guessing, and I repeat, guessing,  he be available as part of a second round of  the Quest For Supremacy (Team Battle) but we won’t know for definite until later.


Fermentation Station – 199  Drops 1 Bribe Gold every 12hrs

***The  other buildings for this Week can be found in K-Pop Stage Warehouse you’ll find full details in that section***


Bamboo Grove – 400 

Rice Paddy – 500 

Tiger Dragon – 600 


The main event currency is Soju Bottles and this is used to buy event items in the K-Pop Stage Warehouse.

 Soju Bottle (Always): Get from Tweaked Out Peter Listen to K-Pop, O’Brien Watch Winter Summer, Carter Attend the Reunion, Gold Suit Lois Protect the Perimeter, Jerome Prepare the Bar, Jerome Stock Soju, Tom Tucker Report on Winter Summer Fans, Bathrobe Quagmire Open Up, Muriel Check Out Foreign DVDs, Mayor West Eat Chicken Wings, Mad Hatter Peter Go Mad About Winter Summer, Connie Host a Sleepover, Rambo Lois Look at Floats, American Johnny Order Kimchi, Plastic Surgery Peter Take a Selfie, Plastic Surgery Peter Heals His Wounds, Plastic Surgery Peter Enjoy the Reunion, Pouring Sofa Bottle, K-BBQ Smoke Shack, Completing Questline Parts, IBS Cheerleader, K-Pop Joe, K-Pop Peter, Bad Boy Cleveland, Bad Boy Joe, Mr Herbert Try On Glasses, Attacking Punk Cheerleader, Dr Hartman Rebel Against The System

You can see how many you have at the top of your screen in this box.


 Bribe Gold (Uncommon) –  Get from Stewie Play Dress Up, K-Pop Peter Watch K-Pop Videos, Rambo Lois Look Up Lyrics, Bad Boy Cleveland Start A Mosh Pit, Fermentation Station

 Concert Pass (Uncommon) –  Get from American Johnny Celebrate With Fans, Bonnie Watch Winter Summer, Gold Suit Peter Eat Korean BBQ

 Smoke Bomb (Uncommon) –  Get from bursting Balloons

 Bribe Money (Uncommon) –  Get from Gold Suit Lois Roll In The Dough, Sujin Meet Contestants, Giant Bing Bong Shrine, Bad Boy Cleveland Get Paid

 Banana (Common) –  Get from Popping Parade Floats, Music Festival Mystery Box, IBS Panel

 Concert Pass (Uncommon) –  Get from Incheon International Airport

 BB Gun (Common) –  Get from Rambo Lois Look At The Floats, American Johnny Order Kiminci, Plastic Surgery Peter Enjoy The Reunion, Sujin Listen To K-Pop, Gold Suit Brian Aim At Balloons, Buy From Store


1 BB Gun – 10 

5 BB Guns – 45 

10 BB Guns – 85 

Quest for supremacy

As I said above I think we will see another round of this to win Bad Boy Peter but at this time this is just me speculating. No confirmation from TinyCo as yet.

K-Pop stage warehouse

Here is where you will spend the Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock during Week Three…

Fold N Go Phones: Chance Drop of 2 Edgy Collar every 6hrs
Cost ~ 225 Soju Bottles & 5 Autographs

Grand Imperial Kitty: Chance Drop of 2 Sunglasses every 12hrs
Cost ~ 500 Soju Bottles & 15 Autographs

Beef Bowl Shop: Chance Drop of 2 Spiky Bracelets every 4hrs
Cost ~ 800 Soju Bottles & 15 Autographs

Statue Of King Sejong: No drops
Cost ~ 1000 Soju Bottles

punk cheerleader

The Punk Cheerleader Boss, who doesn’t look in the least punk, will trigger as soon as you start week 3 of the event. This is your Main Boss this week. You will “Bribe” her with Bribe Money or Bribe Gold to defeat her to the highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

 Bribe Gold (Uncommon) –  Get from Stewie Play Dress Up, K-Pop Peter Watch K-Pop Videos, Rambo Lois Look Up Lyrics, Bad Boy Cleveland Start A Mosh Pit, Fermentation Station

 Bribe Money (Uncommon) –  Get from Gold Suit Lois Roll In The Dough, Sujin Meet Contestants, Giant Bing Bong Shrine, Bad Boy Cleveland Get Paid

You’ll see her wandering your sidewalks with a timer above her head.

Simply tap her and you’ll see the level requirement bribe and rewards. Collect the Bribe Money or Bribe Gold necessary for the bribe then hit, eh, “BRIBE“.

Here is the bribe costs and rewards and rewards from my game. The amounts will be the same in your game, but the item may differ, i.e. 1X will require 1 Bribe Gold rather than 1 Brude Money.

1X – Requires 1 Bribe Money
Rewards – 25 Soju Bottles & 1 Leather Jacket

2X – Requires 3 Bribe Gold
Rewards – 35 Soju Bottles & 2 Leather Jackets

3X – Requires 5 Bribe Money
Rewards – 45 Soju Bottles & 4 Leather Jackets

4X – Requires 7 Bribe Gold
Rewards – 55 Soju Bottles & 6 Leather Jackets

5X – Requires 9 Bribe Money
Rewards – 65 Soju Bottles & 8 Leather Jackets

You have 24hrs to hit the highest level before the Punk Cheerleader will rest (cool down). Her cool down is 2 hours.

Please note when she returns she will be back at 1x unless you’ve used clams to wake her at the level she went into cool down at.


With the new Week we are seeing the another old style mini-game.

In order to be able to participate you’ll need to collect a BB Gun, you’ll get them here:

 BB Gun (Common) –  Get from Rambo Lois Look At The Floats, American Johnny Order Kiminci, Plastic Surgery Peter Enjoy The Reunion, Buy From Store, Bad Boy Cleveland Intimidate His Peers

Once you have a BB Gun just tap on the Gun Icon in the bottom right of your screen.

After tapping on this, the mini game will appear.

You will see on the top of the screen the Rewards you can win from shooting Balloons. The amount of BB Guns  you have available in the Lower Left. The SHOOT button in the Lower Right. (If you’ve no BB Guns it will show Need More) Then in the center, you will see the circle that is essentially your target that you will use to get the Floats. It will turn green once you are targeting a Balloon. Remember don’t  SHOOT if the target is orange, move it until the target is green as below. You’ll just waste BB Guns.

This is really an “Aim n Shoot” kind of set up. You wait for a minute while the Balloons fly around, then move the circle to target them. It should turn green when a Balloon is in target, But again the secret of this mini-game is to try target more than 1 Balloon, so be patient and wait until you see a group of Balloons bunched together then target them and quickly hit SHOOT.

To do this put your finger on the Target in the middle of the screen and drag it around to where the group of Balloons are that you want to get.

You will then be given Rewards depending on how many Balloons you destroyed with your BB gun. I’ve managed to destroy 4 at once a couple of times.

The rewards you get will vary on how many Balloons you destroy at a time.

Per BALLOON Destroyed:
1 Smoke Bomb (Chance)


You will be able to start seeing Paparazzi straight away.

Like previous weeks you’ll find them wandering your sidewalks.

Now with these you can clear 4 with 1 Smoke Bomb so my advice is to put down just a single it 2 pieces of Sidewalk and the Papa will gather in that one small area making it easy to clear 4 with each Smoke Bomb. Once you have at least 1 Smoke Bomb tap a Paparazzi and then place the target over the Paparazzi and Fire.

And here’s a reminder where you can get those Grenades.

 Smoke Bomb (Uncommon) –  Get from bursting Balloons

The rewards you get will depend on how many Dust Mites you clear.

Per Paparazzi Cleared:
1 Rhinestone (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the final Week of the latest Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

3 responses to “Winter Summer Reunion Week 3 Overview

  1. darthmaleval

    I noticed that the drops are reversed for the Fold N Go Phone and the Grand Imperial Kitty Kat.
    In the warehouse it says that the Fold N go Phone drops the sunglasses, but in reality it drops the Edgy Collars.
    The opposite is true for the Grand Imperial Kitty Kat….say it drops the collars, but actually drops the sunglasses.

    Not a big deal really, but nice to get a head start on the collars with the first building!


  2. 15 autographs each for the last 2 buildings is a huge amount. I’ve sent my 3 characters twice and I’ve only gotten 2 in 8 hours.

    The first building took me 8 hours to get 5


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