Jailhouse Lois – Unlock Requirements

Greetings Addicts!

Just dropping by with a reminder to check the unlock requirements for Jailhouse Lois carefully in Al Harrington’s. She is another one of the occasional costumes that has 5 different unlock requirements and some of you are still not noticing the 5th item, in this case Pens, as they are off-screen. 

When you click on Al Harrington’s you’ll see Jailhouse Lois and her unlock requirements, but look closely and you’ll notice there’s a 5th item off the screen.

You need to scroll the unlock requirements to the left and then you’ll see the Pens.

And here’s a quick note of where you’ll get them.

 45 Pens (Uncommon): Get from clearing Undead Warthogs 

~ Russian Tigger

6 responses to “Jailhouse Lois – Unlock Requirements

  1. Looks like I’m not gettin thisg Louis outfit. I’ve done about 10 cinderblock missions and only received 1 cinderblock . I’ll never get 25 cigs at this rate. I got 45 pens(?) in 10 min tho.


  2. the “uncommon” item drops are weak


  3. Agree. So much for making the event “easier” after running behind on the last 2 updates. Between classic books, bibles and the dual items needed for attacks I don’t see what is “easier”. They are trying to force people to spend clams.


  4. Classic books are an uncommon drop and you need 5 then 15 of them to get the second building. Are you kidding me?!?! I have gotten ONE in 12 tries from all three characters. This is beyond ridiculous. No reason to keep playing this event. How could TinyCo possibly think this was a good idea. Beyond frustrating


    • I’ve raised this with them


      • Jailhouse Lois is one of the toughest characters to get and it was suppose to be easy?! It’s a joke, especially after they delayed the release and “made it easier.” Going to give up until the event is over. Also, the requirements for event buildings, like needing 15 books is ridiculous.


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