When’s the next event coming???

I’ve been told the next event will hit our games today,  Friday 16th August. So just keep checking your game or the site for it going live.

~ Russian Tigger

25 responses to “When’s the next event coming???

  1. So much for dropping on Friday. Just past midnight and into Saturday morning, and still nothing. 3-4 weeks in a row of delays in phases/new content, and worst part is no in-game communication from Tinyco at all. Not looking good.


  2. I noticed in the help & support section of the menu they have posted the FAQs for the next event-spoiler alert- the social media event! But I haven’t seen any updates in the App Store yet. And the game is not yet live for me. So, it’s there if you want to peek… honestly, looks much like recent events (paparazzi, etc)… yawn…


  3. I guess they had to delay the new event for some reason. I hope they aren’t worried about the same thing happening to FGTQFS as TSTO with the crashing.


  4. I wish tiny o would give us more updates


  5. 😴…patiently waiting…😴…mwahahah lol


  6. Do u know whst time we are going live.?


  7. Still no event started. Could have had the last one still running…. I would have been able to get the golden brown house. So annoying.


  8. Is there any new info about the next event yet?


  9. Ditto to syressong’s remarks. This site is probably the only reason I keep chugging along. Thank you for all you do to keep everyone in the loop! And everyone else….so nice to know that I’m not a solo island of frustration!!! Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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  10. Just so you know I am grateful you are still keeping up this site. I dont always ask questions or say things, but I do check it. Your posts are very helpful for a game that I still do love.(Even with all the things that I don’t think are right with it 😜)

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  11. Very cool! Thank you 😊


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