Paparazzi & Social Media Maven Glitch

TTheres couple glitches, one that shows your game sticking during battling Paparazzi, and then here’s another glitch that’s seeing Social Media Maven not appearing in some games.

I’ve made TinyCo aware of these so hopefully see a fix soon. But if you’ve got this issue please message support from your games in the meantime.

There’s 2 ways to do this:

The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and  then tap ‘Contact Us’.

However if this isn’t possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is –

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “Paparazzi & Social Media Maven Glitch

  1. The freezing glitch is affecting both Paparazzi and Social Media Marvin battles for me. Still doesn’t seem to be any resolution.


  2. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Maven is actually there, just invisible. I’ve clicked on her twice now by accident. If you only have a small amount of roads you might have some luck finding her.


  3. Those aren’t the only glitches lol. Every single item for Lois continues to drop even after you have her unlocked. Also 75% of event items that drop are ridiculously over sized, as in twice the size of a building when fully zoomed out.


    • Those glitches don’t impact play or progression, TinyCo are aware of them but they aren’t in my honest opinion a priority to be fixed hence I’ve asked that only the glitches that are hampering play need to be highlighted and those players affected contacting support.


  4. I am defeating the paparazzi and getting the tokens even through it’s freezing but i’m not getting credit on the quest so I can’t progress. Contacted them but nothing.


  5. So my first attack on Maven didn’t go so well. I sent Lois and Stewie to fight her. When I attacked the screen automatically went back to Quahog and Maven was walking around with 4/16 heart above her head. Lois and Stewie’s health were at 0/8. At least I thought I’d get 8/16. Not sure if this would be considered a “glitch” or not?


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