Late To The Party is extended – Now ending Friday 20th September @ 3pm PDT

Hi fellow addicts, the event has been extended.  But my advice is to try to finish up ASAP as although the timer shows it is extended to Friday at 3PM PDT, if it’s anything like the last extension it could end sooner than that.

~ Russian Tigger

5 responses to “Late To The Party is extended – Now ending Friday 20th September @ 3pm PDT

  1. I have a feel that the new event might be late than usual. (Just a feeling)


  2. Was this event really worth extending? Makes you wonder if there’s issues/bugs with their next planned event so theyre dragging this one out to make it seem like theyre doing players a favour, when really most ppl prob unlocked Dancer Tricia by Monday and with nothing else to do had a few days off waiting for the next event.
    (Unless there was more to do in this event but I already had it unlocked?)

    PS – My countdown timer has shown as 1d 11hrs for over 2 days now.
    Not a problem though, I unlocked Tricia on Monday and had a few days off waiting for the next event to come along.


  3. I’m guessing they are extending this one due to technical issues with the next event? I only say this as this one wasn’t very hard, and I was done yesterday, so if they are taking time to make sure the next event will run smooth, I’m OK with that…I stopped collecting event currency as soon as I finished the questline, just put everyone away except the Jesuses (is that the plural? No idea…) as they are on 24 hour clam duty always, and Peter, who can’t go away, so he’s Flirting With Chicks at the Clam with Touchdown Jesus…ever since Kevin of TC/JC fixed my duplicate issue, I feel like I’ve recaptured my enthusiasm for the game…much to Mrs. K’s chagrin….


  4. So what do I do for the next 2 days? Lol. I’ll be done with it in the next few hours. Any reason they’re adding so much more time? Are people struggling with some part of the event?


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