Multiverse Week 3

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Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Multiverse Madness
Side Questline – Action Star Peter
Side Questline – Action Movie Quagmire
Side Questline – Li’l Lois
Side Questline – Li’l Peter
Side Questline – Li’l Giant Chicken
Facespace Sets
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll


9 responses to “Multiverse Week 3

  1. Is it just me or has this event felt very slapdash? Besides the hair gel not being explained well, the buildings’ cost seems to outpace their need. I had all the barrels I needed before I unlocked either of the two buildings that produce barrels. When I tap on the bullets to see what I need to do to get them it’s just a line of code, material tasks don’t drop event currency etc… etc… I hope this isn’t going to be the quality of events going forward or I may stop playing.


  2. Mackenzie N Finley

    All I need as of 5pm EST Sunday is 2 more bullet sets and I have Action Star Peter. Yet I still need to get the buildings for the quest line yet I don’t have any need for the drops that they will have. So why even finish the quests?


  3. Bat drops have increased in difficulty IMO.


  4. the only way to get hair gel is by using the character that needs the hair gel x 23 to get,how do you get hair gel other ways ?


  5. So, to get action star Peter i need hair gel, to get hair gel i need to send someone to portal and that someone is ACTION STAR Peter. Am i missing something, or are we forced to use clams for this one?


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