Facebook Game Save Loading Glitch

Hi fellow addicts

As some of you will be aware there’s been a crashing issue when players try to load their saved game via Facebook, there’s still no automatic fix for this, if you’re having this issue you will need to contact game support as they will try to help you get playing again.

~ Russian Tigger

4 responses to “Facebook Game Save Loading Glitch

  1. I’m finding that the iOS app seems confused with regards to Facebook. It says I’m not logged into any account, but gives me the option to “delete Facebook”. When I visit other towns I see an option to log in to Facebook, but tapping that crashes the app. The same thing happens when tapping change account and log in to Facebook. As far as I can tell thought, the game is syncing as if I try to play on a different iOS devices while the first iOS device is active, it boots me out of the game on the first one.

    On an unrelated note, ever since updating to iOS 13, it’s impossible to attach images to the support chat since once an image is picked, all buttons (cancel or done) disappear. The only way out is to kill the app.


    • Yeah they know about the Facebook issue, if you can play & sync day nothing just now.

      Thanks regarding the support problem, I’ll pass that on to them.


  2. No they don’t. They ask you to look for your ID and stop helping. Rage quitting


    • Did you give them your PlayerId? If so when, remember it’s been the weekend so you might need wait for help. They have to fix each game save issue individually so it’s going take time.


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