Device Compatibility & Facebook Loading Glitches

Hi fellow addicts

Getting lots of Android players saying they can’t install the game as it’s missing from the Playstore. This seems to be impacting even those who have newer devices. I think this has come about as TinyCo removed the necessity to update to let Android players, especially those with older devices, play on this week. So by trying to help some players issues are arising for others. However I can’t be sure if this is the issue and am asking support for more information, until then, I’m sorry I can’t offer more advice.

Also please be aware there’s been a crashing issue when players try to load their save game via Facebook, my advise is the same as in my last post about this please reach out to support with your PlayerId and they’ll try to help you get your sav d game loading again. They are looking out for players with this issue contacting them.

These Facebook glitch may also mean you can’t visit friends towns but Ollieland should still be there if you like to try to harvest a daily ckam.

As a precaution I advise not uninstalling the game to try reinstall for any reason while both these issues continue. 

Thanks as always

~ Russian Tigger

3 responses to “Device Compatibility & Facebook Loading Glitches

  1. The support said, there should be an update until the end of Wednesday. It it Thursady now, still the same…


  2. thank you 🙂
    i will contact them if this is not resolved


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