Cruise Of The Damned – Event Ending Soon

Hey there fellows addicts!

Just bouncing by to remind everyone once again that the Cruise Of The Damned event will be ending very, very soon.

At this time there’s been no word of an extension, if this changes I’ll let you know.  My advice keep playing until the advised end time then if there is an extension you will benefit from it.

***Remember the event ends on 6th November  2019 at 3PM PDT***

And remember to look out for the End of Event Poll, it will be coming your way as soon as the event is over.

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “Cruise Of The Damned – Event Ending Soon

  1. What the hell!? The event ended early and I couldn’t finish my tasks and buy out for the Stewie costume! If I try to contact support my game just crashes. These people need to get their act together! I’m general very chill but realizing why people have gotten so frustrated with this game.


  2. I wanted to check into my game one last time (it was 5:30pm EST). It prompted me to restart and the event was over!! I had no chance to unlock King Stewie, but apparently they didn’t adjust for daylight savings time over the weekend.
    At least now we can get 2 more opening scene characters.


  3. They ended the event earlier than usual ?? it always end at 1 AM my time .. i checked at Midnight and the new mini-event was on .. i missed King Stewart … although i only needed to get the last few Banshee Tears for him …


  4. So annoying……. Do I spend the 72 clams to get royal Stewart…. Just to have the event extended. Gggrrrrrrr!


    • Well if you spend 72 Clams to get him and they extend you can ask support nicely to maybe refund them. And if you unlocked all the other freemium there’s 35 Clams for completing the set.


  5. 10 min left n the event and the last thing I need is the anti death portal to finish everything. I have all the required items but when I click on the pirate ship store nothing opens.


  6. Ugh, finally just got enough books to get the Anti Death Portal, but suddenly I cannot click on the ship to go in and complete this. I should still have time left to complete this. This week as a really poor event.


  7. I think it was a crappy move of theirs to lock all additional skull coin items once 1 each was purchased. I have thousands of coins left with nothing to spend it on or motivate me to keep playing.
    If I want to make a haunted forest out of haunted trees, they should have let me!


  8. Hands down the worst event ever. I have been playing this game for 5+ years and have never had this much difficulty completing a level the drops for books to defeat the Lavender Ghost have been anemic at best. 3 days trying to complete level 4 (checking in every 3-4 hrs) is insane. I might have to finally kiss this game goodbye. A comment on raising the Exp. level, why? I have been at max for 2-3 years and 10 million coins for even longer than that. Have they been keeping track of every players Exp. past max?


    • Some players set goals and these are related to hitting levels, coin amounts etc, not something I do, but others like it. Hence why I’m asking some of these things, to get a general idea what all players think. I think there should been some Clams awarded for levelling or a character you only get once you hit Level 100, something to do that’s not timed like events.


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