New Feature – Quahog Historical Society!!!

The guys at TinyCo have given me a little more details about when the new feature that’s coming to Quahog will go live.  If you don’t want to know about it then move on to the next post.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

As we discussed previously one of the most asked after features in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is a way to get old Event characters and costumes you’ve missed! And that’s what the new feature will be all about, a way to complete our character and costumes collections.

I can now tell you it was launch in the next couple of weeks, I’ll let you know more on the exact release date when I know it. But here’s a reminder of the little teaser from TinyCo:

“Quahog Historical Society is a new feature that will open the opportunity for players to earn characters and skins from past events and complete their collections! Events will also offer an extra reward which will tie back to the feature!”

So if you peeked, what do you think of the upcoming festure? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “New Feature – Quahog Historical Society!!!

  1. thats so cool that tiny co would give you info. you’re the best! this has definately interested me! (provided its not purely a real money thing)


  2. This sneak peek has made me happier than I ever thought it would. 🙂


  3. That’s awesome, I’m sitting on 7,000 clams from my past 4 years of freemium play and I’ve been itching to spend em’ before I quit playing one of these days. I would love for them to make kool-aid man 3oo clams no way I would ever give 700!!!! clams for a character.

    Does anyone else have a problem of being unable to contact tinyco from in game? Just curious, I have a samsung galaxy S7 and have been getting an error message when trying to leave a message. I tried to contact them through facebook but never heard anything back.
    Thanks, if anyone has any info.
    Keep up the great work on this site RT!!


  4. Yay maybe I can finally get the only DC character I missed, Aquaman.


  5. OK, RT; This is the last time I point this out… I PEEKED, but I did not PEAK! 😀 (OK; Maybe I have peaked, too, but that is still incorrect, even in Canadian English!) 😉


  6. Earn them how? By drops, or buying with clams? They sometimes seem to think that spending clams is a way to “earn” something.


    • Well I don’t think it’s going to be a premium only feature, I’d imagine we’ll collect something to get them, but my hope is, and I hope you’re listening TinyCo, it’s not timed in any way and players can just move along at their own pace, the way districts were set out.


  7. Celt it Chamberlain

    Can’t wait.


  8. I peaked and I’m piqued. I want to get Commander Riker.


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