Update Alert – App Version 2.0.7 – Android!!!

Hi fellow addicts

Sorry I was out when this dropped, but the Android update is finally here, its App Version 2.0.7. However it hasn’t sorted things for everyone, some of you still can’t update or play.  Support are aware of this, but are asking you contact them and send them a screenshot of your device details showing your android version. Email this to support@jamcity.com

If I get any further news I’ll let you know. Until then sorry to anyone who still can’t play.

~ Russian Tigger

2 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 2.0.7 – Android!!!

  1. Hi Russian Tigger. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. Do you by chance know if this update will fix the notification issues? It really isn’t fun when the only device that still does notifications isn’t able to update. I’m no longer hoping to finish the events let alone the second week because the notification issues on my phone. I’m going to send them a screen shot like you said. Thanks for the email and continued updates on everything.


    • They didn’t say anything about notifications with this update, but if you send them screenshot I’ll also mention it at my side to them. Thanks


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