Quahog Historical Society is here…..

After a few months of teasers on here, Quahog Historical Society is finally here.

I’m seeing the full Society on the following app version, 2.0.7.

I’ll get more posts up on it as quick as I can but as I said on the event post there may be a delay as I try to pull all the info during a busy few days for me.

~ Russian Tigger

22 responses to “Quahog Historical Society is here…..

  1. Great idea, but don’t hold your breath. With a small number of characters earning medals and hundreds needed to earn a new character it’s going to take weeks to achieve each one. I’ve also had to clear one floor at the island resort to release enough characters to participate. So I’m sacrificing Stewie Bucks to earn medals which means a longer wait to get the characters bought with the Stewie Bucks. Oh well at least it’s a different grinding.


    • Remember you’ll earn Medals through Trophy collecting also. And it’s there forever so no rush.


      • Thanks for response. There must have been a glitch when this first hit my game as definitely only some characters had the go for gold option. Now that’s fixed and all have it I’m more relaxed. The award of trophies worth 1000 medals for completing quest tasks also makes the time scale less daunting.


        • The Trophy award is when you unlock a character or costume and should help a lot. Get both this week and that’s 2000 Medals 😀


  2. Personally, I didn’t understand how this worked at first, and there is currently no FAQ page for it, so for anyone else confused it appears you have to unlock event characters or send your existing characters on specific tasks when they become available. Or spend real world cash on it.. but who’d do such a thing!

    I really like how later tiers/levels are time restricted too so you can’t just whizz through it and hopefully will give it a bit of longevity.


  3. If I’m understanding this correctly, are they really expecting me to pull all 300+ characters out of Tan Lines to send on the “Go For the Gold” actions? I’d like to progress thru the society, but I’d also like to NOT have over 300 characters in the Griffin House.

    Why can’t this feature be implemented in a way that doesn’t require a ton of extra player effort in order to use? LAME.


  4. I take it all back. I unlocked the Saber-Toothed Tiger already using medals and trophies. It was surprisingly easy, so that’s awesome.


  5. After all of the hype, it turns out to be a naked money grab by JC/TC. Not only can you not use coins, Stewie Bucks, or any other freemium game currency to purchase these characters. But now you can’t even buy them with clams! I guess because players can earn some clams for free — by watching videos or completing questlines with rewards or by completing character sets that have clam bonuses.

    They wanted to make sure that the only way on Earth to get these characters was by spending actual US Dollars to buy MEDALS — the only currency in the game that it is impossible to buy without spending real world money. Real nice.

    Who is going to spend $10 or $15 to buy a useless old character in a dying game? They were supposed to reward long-time players by letting us buy characters using coins, Stewie Bucks, or at least clams. Instead, they just shoved their heads into our pockets to extract some more money out of our wallets. It’s offensive.


  6. I look forward to your post on this as I logged in and am so confused.


  7. Please explain all the hows in a manor i can save. Their explanation was in very fine print and i accidently touched the screen and missed a lot of it and there is no info in the help and support section of the game.


  8. What characters drop medals? Can’t find a single one


    • Virtually all of them, apart from the new event characters, it’s the Go For Gold 8hr task, it doesn’t show the 1 medal drop visually but it does drop.


  9. So now we have yet another sort of game currency, medals. The Stewie Bucks has been so great. I’m glad I can keep on saving my $40m coins. [/sarcasm] 😛


  10. Definitely not working on iPhone. Sent Jam City a email so hopefully it gets fixed soon.


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