Quahog Historical Society Overview – Questions & Answers!!!

Hey there Character Collectors!

Just thought I’d put together a little overview of Quahog Historical Society to  answer the questions I’m seeing in the comments, and a few I’ve not seen yet but I know will come. So take a peek below to see if I’ve managed answer all your queries, and if there’s anything else you’re wondering just ask me about it in the comments.

What is Quahog Historical Society?

This is the feature many of you have been waiting on, a way to collect characters and costumes you’ve missed.  And this new feature contains lots and lots of them, however be aware it’s not every character or costume ever released, there’s been 837 characters and costumes released before this event. But this feature is bringing back over half of them, 488 characters and costumes are available. And if you’re wondering why a particular character isn’t included, it may be because some characters had time limited licensing terms so can’t return now. But there’s hopefully something for everyone here.

Please remember this is permanent so unless you choose to spend money to rush you can work away freemium. There is nothing in this that forces you to buy Medals rather than earning them. It’s your choice if you spend money, as it’s not necessary if you’ve got patience.

Also I’d like to get your comments, thoughts and feedback on Quahog Historical Society to pass to support, therefore please take the time to leave a comment by clicking here.

What is the Quahog History Lesson Questline?

It’s a just a short 3 part Questline to introduce the new feature. You’ll find a post with it HERE.

How do I access Quahog Historical Society?

You just tap on the QHS button in the bottom left of your game, it looks like the Icon above.

How do I unlock characters/costumes in Quahog Historical Society?

Quite simply you buy them with Medals.

How much do characters/costumes cost in Quahog Historical Society?

There are 4 characters/costumes in each rank, the costs are 300 Medals, 300 Medals, 600 Medals and 900 Medals.

If you already own the character/costume it will show as unlocked.

Where do I get Medals to unlock characters and costumes?


You can get these in various ways.

You’ll be happy to hear there’s a few freemium ways, these are:

Unlocking new characters & costumes in events. If you fully unlock the character you’ll get a Trophy you can trade for 1000 Medals. If you don’t fully unlock them you’ll get a pro rata amount of Medals depending on how many unlock items you collected.

Putting  characters on their GO FOR GOLD 8hr task.

Trading trophies earned from unlocking characters.

Theres also premium options:

Buying premium characters or costumes will earn you a Trophy you can trade for 1000 Medals. Sorry but you won’t get Trophies rugs way in future, seemingly awarding them this way was a mistake.

Buying Medals in the Medal Shop, the cost of packs will vary depending on country you’re located in.

You can see how many you have by looking at this icon in the Quahog Historical Society screen.

What characters drop Medals?

So far I’ve checked out over 100 characters from Tan Lines and all have the 8hr task GO FOR GOLD which drops 1 Medal.

But the task isn’t at the top of the task list so you’ll need to scroll down in the characters profile to find it. I have asked support if it could be put to the top. But this is the task your looking for, even although it doesn’t show the Medal icon it does drop 1.

What are the trophies I see?


These are awarded mainly for unlocking or purchasing  new characters and costumes in events.  You’ll also be awarded a free one for completing part 3 of Quahog History Lesson. They can be traded for 1000 Medals.

You can see how many you have by looking at this icon in the Quahog Historical Society screen.

How do I know when a Trophy is available as a reward?

You’ll see when a Trophy is up for grabs, like in this example for Prison Peter. As you can see there’s a Trophy above his head.

You’ll also see these instead of the final unlock item in full characters you can unlock, this means you’ll get awarded one when you fully unlock that character, if you look at Prison Wife you’ll see what I mean.

If you purchase a premium character/costume you’ll automatically be awarded a Trophy.

What if I don’t completely unlock a character/costume and don’t earn the trophy?

You’ll get a pro rata amount of Medals depending on what items you collected.  If you look at Prison Peter’s unlock requirements  above each item you’ll see an amount of Medals, this is the pro rata amount of Medals you’ll get for unlocking them, i.e. If you get all 4 toothbrushes but don’t unlock the costume fully you’ll get 333 Medals as a reward, and so on. This figure is 1000 Medals, (what a Trophy is worth), divided by 3, (as that’s how many different unlock items he has).  I’m not sure if you only collect some of any item if you’ll get a lesser amount of Medals, I’ve asked support and will report back on this.

It’s the same system for character unlocks, this is one of Prison Wife’s items, here you see the reward is 250 Medals. This figure is 1000 Medals, (what a Trophy is worth), divided by 4, (as that’s how many different unlock items she has).


How do I trade Trophies for Medals?

Go to the Quahog Historical Society screen and click the icon above. You’ll then see the option to convert a Trophy for 1000 Medals.

What are Ranks?

These are a set of 4 characters, and you unlock ranks as you progress in Quahog Historical Society.

What happens when I complete a Rank?

When you complete a Rank, you will earn clams, as you can see above I got 25 clams for completing Rank 1. Unlocking 3 characters/costumes from a rank should unlock the next available Rank. Be aware only Ranks 1-4  are open initially, other Ranks will open weekly.

But there’s a glitch, for some of us as completing the requirements for opening Rank 2  isn’t working, I’ll discuss this further on in the post.

I’m at Rank 5 after  completing Ranks 1-4 but Rank 5 is still locked? 

This isn’t the glitch I’m referring to but deliberate, Rank 5 doesn’t open until next week, and after this we’ll see further ranks open each week. As you can see above there’s a timer counting down until each new rank opens.

How many Ranks are there?

Lots and lots, at the moment there’s 122, and if they stick to the current rate of weekly openings, Rank 122 won’t open until 15th February 2022. So this isn’t something you’ll be able to rush through. Of course we may see the unlock periods adjusted and we’ll move through ranks quicker, I’ll keep you posted on this.

It’s also a total of 488 characters and costumes that are up for grabs, including many that were, and some that still are premium, even the 700 Clam Kool-Aid Man is there.

Rank Glitch!!!

There’s a glitch where some players, including me, can’t progress as Rank 2 isn’t opening for us. It appears to be mainly affecting players who already had all the Rank 1 characters already and support are looking into a fix for this.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions!!!

~ Russian Tigger

75 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Overview – Questions & Answers!!!

  1. I notice a few comments down someone is also not able to proceed with Satan’s quest line due to the lack of the Hell Mouth. I also can not and additionally am stuck on Human Rupert’s quest line due to a lack of an Event only building.

    I have messaged support letting them know about this and pointed out to them that lack of event buildings is going to result in a mass amount of players having a crazy giant list of open quests.

    Hopefully they come up with some kind of solution that isn’t them trying to sell past event buildings for Clams lol.


  2. Sorry if this has been discussed already but does anyone already have gold suit peter and have to earn him again with this district. Looks like it’s skin vs character but why???


  3. I got the character of Satan from the historical society and I’m working on completing his required tasks. However, one task requires his presence at the hell’s mouth which I don’t see as available anywhere. Is there a way I can work around this?


  4. Help Question! Historical Society – Rank 7 I have Satan now, didn’t before, but for me to complete his quest I need Hellmouth. I cannot find it for sale anywhere or even in my inventory. HELPS!


  5. I have a question, what are the licensed characters who will no longer return? If it’s Snoop dog, Avril Lavigne, The Power Rangers or Benedict Cumbberbatch, for i didn’t want to get it, but I couldn’t (yet all the characters that are interested me).


    • I can’t list which characters could only be used during their original events but I’d say your on the right track with some of ones you mentioned. However I’m going to do a post soon to gather thoughts on this and some other issues in order to see if any way back for some characters.


  6. Hello, do you know if any of the following characters/outfits will appear in the Quahog Historical Society Event?
    • Makeover Meg
    • Pamela Anderson
    • Director Susie
    • Princess Buttercup
    • Cinderella Lois
    • Hot Meg

    Sadly I missed out on these and hope they will be obtainable soon 🙂
    btw awesome site, I check it daily!


  7. Still stuck on rank 3. Three of the characters are unlocked. I have thousands of medals. I can’t unlock the 4th character in rank 3 or any in rank 4. I have updated the game. I’m on iPhone.


  8. I just updated my game, and it looks like the glitch has been fixed. I was stuck on the first set and after updating, was able to get to 5. I hope this works for everyone. I’m using android (in case that makes a difference).


  9. Ok, I came here and posted that I lost the clams from 1 and 2 when I logged back in. I went back to the game because I had just cleared 3 and was wondering how to unlock 4. The 25 clams for 3 are gone. That’s 75 clams missing. But I can’t complain, there’s been many times an ad crashed the game and for the next 2 days, I got 1 clams every time I logged in.


  10. I claimed the clams for 1 and 2 and after logging out and back in, they are gone.


  11. Any idea what the coat hanger inside an orange circle on the top left of some of the characters means? Also, im on rank 5 and its still not unlocked and to the far right it says unlock 3 of rank 4-thanks in advance!


    • The unlock glitch won’t be fixed for another couple of days. So just be patient on that one please.

      The coat hanger inductees it’s a costume not a full character.


  12. Hey there! I’m experiencing too The clam missing: 25 clams x 3 ranks ☹️ Also i am at rank 4 of secret society (i earned all the characters until there), it shows “unlock”, but it doesn’t allow me to unlock it ☹️☹️ Any help for this side? And who contacted TinyCo., can give me a contact adress, link, something – so i can send them my issue too? I play this game for 3 years, but i never knew where to adress the issues. Thank you.


    • Hi, this are known glitches, so you don’t need contact support at this time. They are working on fixes and I’ll post here when the fixes are out. Thanks


  13. Hey there! I’m experiencing too The clam missing: 25 clams x 3 ranks ☹️ Also i am at rank 4 of secret society (i earned all the characters until there), it shows “unlock”, but it doesn’t allow me to unlock it ☹️☹️ Any help for this side? And who contacted TinyCo., can give me a contact adress, link, something – so i can send them my issue too? I play this game for 3 years, but i never knew where to adress the issues. Thank you.


    • Hi, this are known glitches, so you don’t need contact support at this time. They are working on fixes and I’ll post here when the fixes are out. Thanks


  14. There was an update in the App Store and I got all excited thinking it was a update for the historical society, but No… No… No


  15. i bought Saber Tooth Tiger and completed Rank 1
    but Rank 2 isn’t opening for me
    also .. what rank is the Giant Chicken ? 😀 I’m doing all of this for him !


  16. I am stuck with Glenn – stuck on level 1 even though I claimed the clams.
    Been playing for 3 years now, have many characters but not all, and I can’t get past the level 1.


  17. HI!! I sent 60 of my characters for “go for trophy” but none of them actually game me any trophy… is that all right?


  18. Perfect article, thanks


  19. I completed rank 2 just now and claimed the clams. I thought rank 4 (already had 3 in rank 3) was locked due to a visual glitch so I restarted my game, and now the clams I claimed for completing rank 2 are completely gone and I can’t claim them again.


  20. Hey, is the trophy’s sole use meant to be converted to medals or can it be used for something else? I’m hesitant to convert because of this. Also, after unlocking Peters outfit I didn’t receive any medals, nor the 333 per component as I checked them off. Did I instead receive a trophy, which would account for the missing 999, or did it just glitch and I didn’t get them? Thx


    • Yes for full unlocking you get 1 Trophy worth 1000 Medals, the medals shown on the unlock screen are what you’d get pro rata if you didn’t fully unlock him.

      At this time trophies are only used for this so convert them as you need them.


  21. I have looked for another comment that mentioned the problem I have but didn’t see one. I completed Tier 1 and Tier 2 and collected the 25 Clam bonus for each, but when I went back into the game the clams were no longer in my total. I notified TinyCo yesterday but have not received a response.


  22. I like this. Wish the task was at the top, the characters would go to a building not used in events, and option to collect / send on tasks easier than one by one, which is painfully slow with almost 200 characters.


  23. Hi, just wanted to say that the glitch is not only on rank 2. I have the glitch blocking me from rank 4 even though I had 3 characters in rank 3. I got the last one from Rank 3 and still Rank 4 is locked for me.


  24. Hi all,

    New player to the game sorry if this is a stupid question. I have been saving clams to unlock Consuela but saw she can be unlocked with the coins. I have done this but it didn’t give me the House as well. Is there anyway to get the house now?


  25. I have two characters that don’t have the go for the gold action: Rambo & Mutant Human Rupert.

    Also, I’m experiencing the glitch.


  26. do you need to unlock every character to get to the next rank? so for example if there is something I don’t want I still need to unlock it in order to get to the next tier?


  27. I am experiencing the rank 2 glitch as well. I purchased pterodaktil and 80s Stewie with medals and cant go any further. All my ranks show complete until rank 8 where there are 2 padlocks.


    • If you bought 80’s Stewie you’ve unlocked Rank 2. Did you get Clam rewards for this? What about Rank 3 & 4? Please remember on,y Ranks 1-4 will unlock this week, Rank 5 doesn’t unlock until next week, you’ll see a countdown timer next to it.

      If you’re not getting the clam reward for Rank 3 your stuck in the glitch, support is working on a fix.


    • I’ve sent dozens of characters to go for the gold and outside of peter the first time, not one has given me a trophy


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