Quahog Historical Society Rank Unlock Glitch – Update

Jet wanted to update you on the glitch that has seen some players, including me, unable to unlock ranks. For example I completed Rank 1 but Rank 2 remains locked. Others can’t unlock Rank 3 or Rank 4.

I know it’s frustrating when a new feature launches and you can’t play but support are working on a fix for this and we should see an update soon. Until then don’t worry as the feature is a permanent addition, and more importantly you can keep collecting medals in the meantime.

~ Russian Tigger

11 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Rank Unlock Glitch – Update

  1. Debi Whittenburg Hobbs

    Do I need to check here daily for the fix, or is there an easier way to be notified? Thank you


  2. Is there a glitch for not receiving any medals. I have been sending several of guys on eight hour missions and have not received a medal yet


    • You’d need to message support, I’ve tested it in my game and they add to the total even although you don’t see them drop.


  3. Here’s the response I received from JC:

    We’re sorry about the locked Rank issue in Quahog Historical Society. It seems that any player who previous owns characters or skins in a Rank will not be able to unlock the next Rank. The developers are currently investigating the issue and we will have a fix for this soon. We apologize for the inconveience and we appreciate you patience in the meatnime!


    Some pretty poor programming/coding to fail to anticipate that many experienced players would already own old costumes and skins.


    • Yes, this is what I said in the post, a fix is coming. They know some players have many of these characters/costumes so I think this is a real oops, but a fix is coming, there’s no rush, and it doesn’t stop us collecting Medals, so I’m quite chilled about it. I’m just happy to see they are adding new stuff as it shows the game will be around a bit longer.


  4. I have the glitch, too. I have unlocked all of the characters in ranks 1 and 2. And I already own 3 of the 4 characters in rank 3, but I can’t unlock rank 3 — even though I have more than 1,000 medals saved up.

    BTW, your WTD link isn’t working, so let me drop a WTD here: It’s insane that I am sending 300 characters on an 8-hour Go for the Gold task — 3 times a day. That’s 900 times a day — on top of every thing else I was already doing in the game every day — before this new feature. It’s a great add, but they simply must find a better way for us to do this.

    How about every character checked into Tan Lines automatically executes the Go for the Gold task every 8 hours, as long as you click an elevator button to send them to the Gold Level every 8 hours?

    We really need a Deus Ex Machina here to save us from misery. My fingers and my brain are going numb sending them on the same task 900 times a day.

    If they are in Tan Lines, they could spin off both Stewie Bucks and Medals at the same time. Efficient and elegant. And probably easy coding and programming.


  5. Fabrizio Azzolini

    Thank you for the update. I too am having the same issue. I am glad this feature was released. My 360+ characters finally have a purpose in life as opposed to just siting in Tan Lines waiting for the few Peter to call on some of them for 24 hour surprise task.


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