Quahog Historical Society: Feedback Page

Hey there

I wanted to put up a place for questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, and all your feedback on Quahog Historical Society.

For the main details on Quahog Historical Society go HERE.

But as I said this is a page where you can feel free to leave your comments. I will be passing all this information on to support to help correct areas of concern and overall improve the new feature.

Remember to try be helpful and be detailed with your feedback.  Don’t just say fix something, explain any issues and make suggestions for improvement. And don’t forget  to just give general feedback about what you like or don’t like. But most impoanly just try to have fun! 🙂

There you go, a place to voice your thoughts on Quahog Historical Society. But most impoanly just try to have fun! 🙂

~ Russian Tigger

108 responses to “Quahog Historical Society: Feedback Page

  1. It would be really cool if we could keep the maxed out characters in Tan Lines (thought that was the whole point of the building) and have the full floors, if not all floors, have a Go for Gold button for those floors. That way it wouldn’t flood the Griffin House.
    Reassign the building the characters that are on the Go for Gold task, as suggested in previous posts.
    Have an option for us to use the Stewie Bucks and coins for the Premium Ranks. We have a lot and no use for them, if you’re not into or have all the buildings.


  2. Katie Sleurs-De Russo

    Is anyone else having constant crashing issues with the game? It has gotten so bad that just to check in every four hours for the easy challenge tasks takes three game reloads.

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  3. I’ll be honest, I’d rather the characters come with already completed quest lines. Many of them invariably require characters that are used in the current event, so you have to make the choice to just let a bunch of quest lines build up on the side, or compromise the current event to complete a quest line for a character that you’ll likely just put away and never use again until an event calls for that character. Plus, it avoids the issue of not having the building needed to complete the questline.


  4. I just got Satan from the society but I can’t finish the quest because it requires Hellmouth. Are they gonna add the buildings that go with the character to finish the quest lines?


  5. As I am unlocking characters from the Historical Society I am sending them on their quests. Problem is, some of the quests require buildings that are not available anymore. Why not put our coins to use and making buildings from previous events available so we may finish character quests?


    • They were supposed to be putting the buildings in the store but guessing something gone wrong, note the buildings you need and message support to see if they can help you


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