Update Alert – App Version 2.1.1 – IOS release delayed!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s good news and bad news.

Firstly the bad news, it’s looking like the role out of the IOS update, App Version 2.1.1,  is delayed so we might not see it on IOS for  few days yet. So yes I’m going to ask any IOS players to please be patient just a little longer.

And now for the good news, having tested the update on Android it not only fixes  the Quahog Historical Society issues whereby Ranks wouldn’t unlock and Clams were awarded then removed, but it also lets you purchase buildings in the store that are associated with any characters you unlock, whether that be their house or something needed for completing their Questline.

So the fix will be worth the wait, honest.

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 2.1.1 – IOS release delayed!!!

  1. I can’t get in either. It loads up the TinyCo screen and then I’m back to my phone. Tried shutting down. Nothing doing. Help??


  2. I told you lol


  3. That’s cool. I personally play on iOS and we always seem to get updates fast and everyone else suffers. Good to hear they fixed a bunch of issues!!!


  4. i cant get into the game at all. i haven’t had time to play the game at all today even open it up so it’s about 7pm where i’m at now and just tapped on it for the first time today and it won’t even go past the loading screen and crashes. gah jus sayin’ lol

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