Quahog Historical Society Clam Award Glitch

Jet wanted to drop a post about another glitch that is again affecting some players, including me. This glitch sees you awarded the 25 Clams for unlocking a Rank, but as soon as you close your game you lose them again.  So basically your clam total doesn’t increase.

I know it’s frustrating when a new feature launches and there’s glitches from the off, but support are aware of this and the Rank unlock glitch, so hopefully see a fix soon.

Until then don’t worry as the feature is a permanent addition, and more importantly you can keep collecting medals in the meantime.

~ Russian Tigger

10 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Clam Award Glitch

  1. Both the locked rank and lost clams issues are affecting me, too. Any need to advise JC/TC? Or just wait for the fix?


  2. My daily clam award seems to be effected by this glitch as well.


  3. I succumbed to the Clam glitch too, didn’t notice with the rank 1 rewards but definitely happened with rank 2 reward. Which is also the furthest I can go as rank remains locked for me. I’m sure it’ll get sorted so we can continue on our quest for free stuff.


  4. Happened to me, too. The 25 clams was awarded, but disappeared.


  5. Used to play game but every time it up dates it keeps crashing so can’t play the game anymore very disappointing


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