Quahog Historical Society Rank 5

Hi history buffs!

Quahog Historical Society has finally arrived in our games and I thought I’d do regular posts covering the ranks that open every week.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Clicking on any of the character/costume names below will take you to their profile.

Rank 5

Characters/Costumes Required To Complete Collection: Joyce Kinney, Qaptain Quahog, Hercules & Touchdown Jesus

Reward For Completing Set: 25 

What do you think of the new Rank set?  Are you having fun collecting old characters and costumes?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

24 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Rank 5

  1. I noticed that Hercules is 810 medals instead of the usual 600. Is this correct?


  2. Can you buy touchdown Jesus if you don’t have Jesus? That would have been interesting


    • He’s a costume for Jesus, and he’s available to get in Rank 4, so you can get him before Touchdown Jesus. Otherwise you’d be buying a costume you can’t use.


  3. I’ve not seen this mentioned but the costs for rank 5 are higher than 1-4. I’m not sure about Hercules (I unlocked him) – I think it was 820 or 840. But Touchdown Jesus is listed at 1460. If things bump up at a similar rate every 4 or 5 ranks they are going to be crazy high numbers in the future, so maybe it is worth sending all characters for gold.


  4. We are all still padlocked. That’s the bad news. The good news is I have more than 5,000 medals and I’m not missing many characters, so I I’ll tear through Rank 6 as soon as they fix the glitch. .


  5. Just chiming in that I am stuck with the inability to unlock Rank 3 as well. Is there anything we need to do? Add our screename to a list? Etc. If they are aware I can sit tight. Thx!


  6. Gidday, RT! You just like making more work for yourself, don’t you? 🙂 But since you started it, can I suggest a link to the original Quick Questing & Character Tasks article for these characters? (If they exists: Don’t be making MORE work for yourself…) This may help people decide which ones to unlock, IF they are not planning on unlocking ALL of them. For example, do Jesus #2 and TouchDown Jesus have tasks that drop Clams? Or only Jesus #1? (Or do I have my Jesuses [Jesi? :-D] mixed up?)
    Oh: And do you see Rufus in there anywhere? 😉


    • I actually started adding them then found some older ones were missing so thought I’d leave it but I’ll add the ones we have, maybe one day I’ll get time fill in the ones that weren’t covered by the old team. Thanks.

      And sorry no Rufus that I can see.


  7. For those that don’t check their customer support area ever, I was in contact with them over the weekend for an issue and was told the following:
    “We are aware of this issue, a fix will be released in an upcoming update that will start to roll out in the next few days after version 2.1.0 has been rolled out to all players. Stay tuned to your App Store for updates.”

    Also they sent this out last night:
    “If you are receiving this mass message, you are currently experiencing one of the two known issues with Quahog Historical Society. Since both issues are related to completing a Rank, I would like to inform you of both issues.

    1) Players who have previously owned characters in a Rank will not be able to unlock the next Rank.

    2) The 25 Clams earned from completing a Rank are not usable and will disappear upon reloading the game.

    The developers are working diligently on a fix for both of these issues and I will continue to update you here. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience in the meantime!”


  8. My ranks 3, 4, and 5 are locked. My game has also lost the Fast Forward option. I have notified Tiny Co of both problems and am currently waiting for a response.


    • The fast forward feature is not permanent in games, it will come and go, some players haven’t had it at all yet. This isn’t a glitch just how the feature works. Enjoy it when it shows up.

      The Rank unlock is a glitch that will be fixed in next few days, support are aware of this so no need to contact them further.


  9. So just as I’m thinking right on….Finally get to make some clams finished the first two so it was 50 clams I was to receive. Of course till family guy contacts me to tell me different. You will ONLY receive clams if you don’t own any characters on those lines. Even if you own one but are missing all the rest of that line. So you can ONLY make clams if there are no characters at all. That sucks. I don’t write in to often but thought I’d share this cause I thought that was pretty crappy & cheap on there part. Happy Gaming and Holidays peeps ‼️


    • Could you send me a comment with a paste of what the message said please? As that doesn’t sound very fair to me. I can then look into it further.


  10. Is there any progress on fixing the clams that disappear after completing Ranks? I’m now missing Clams from Ranks #3, 4 and 5. I sent an email to Tinyco but no response yet.


  11. Still waiting to be able to unlock rank 4 and 5 🥺


  12. Hi I’m still padlocked at rank 3 and no option to progress. I already own the characters in rank 3 4 and 5, not sure if that matters?


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