Quahog Historical Society Medal Costs

Just wanted to confirm to you that as new Ranks unlock weekly, the costs to unlock characters and costumes can and will increase.


As you can see they started at 300 Medals, 300 Medals, 600 Medals and 900 Medals, but this is only for Ranks 1 to 4.

From Rank 5 onwards the medal amounts can and will change. I’m still waiting for a full breakdown of the increases and will post these once known.


But just wanted to confirm the medal costs to buy characters/costumes increases at Rank 5, and that this is deliberate and not a glitch.

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Medal Costs

  1. Rank 5, Touchdown Jesus is 1460 medals


    • Thanks


    • At this rate, by the time you get to the bottom of the list they will cost 10,000+ medals to unlock!
      I realize there is no time limit here, but still seems to be getting expensive fast. Finding an easier way for hundreds of characters to do the same task needs to be figured out.


      • If they escalate the medal costs to crazy levels hopefully there will be more ways to get them or an easier way to use the Go For Gold task. I’ll be watching things closely.


  2. i am ios and still cannot get to rank 2, nor do any of my 63 characters that I’ve been playing ‘go to the gold’ have hit any medals 😦


  3. Dear Russian Tiger!
    Is that normal that i still cant unlock rank 3 on ios? When will this be fixed?
    Thanks a lot!


  4. I’m on the third line but it won’t let me buy Sasquatch. Is this a glitch or am I missing something. When I click on him nothing happens. It doesn’t give me an option to buy.


    • Does he have a price under him? If not is there a chance you maybe already have him? Or if you’re on IOS is the Rank still locked?


  5. Level 2 is still Locked . I’d like to play, but the game won’t let me.


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