Update Alert – App Version 2.1.2 – IOS only!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the App Store finally, its App Version 2.1.2.

This update fixes the Quahog Historical Society issues whereby Ranks wouldn’t unlock and Clams were awarded then removed. It should also hopefully let you purchase buildings in the store that are associated with characters you unlock, whether that be their house or something needed for completing their Questline.

It’s good to not only see the glitches getting fixed but also the support team listening to our requests to add the buildings etc to the store. Thanks guys.

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 2.1.2 – IOS only!!!

  1. There was also an update for Android to version 2.1.2 a couple of days ago. The only noticeable difference I can see in this latest version is in the QHS, where they fixed the display of the premium rank. I wasn’t seeing the premium rank until this new update.

    However, the way the premium rank is currently displayed is slightly annoying, at least for me anyway. It sits in the middle of QHS, so the bottom one-third of the screen is for viewing the ranks, where I can only see one row at a time. Maybe others can see them better on their devices. It’s a good thing they put those navigation buttons to get to the last unlocked rank. Still, it would be nice if they could shrink the premium rank area a little as it’s taking too much screen real estate.

    And I’m still getting that clam reward glitch at startup. Apparently, they haven’t really fixed it. Probably will have to wait until after Thanksgiving for them to respond to my issue.


    • I covered the Android update when it dropped, I think the premium ranks are Black Friday rather than permanent, but I could be wrong, still waiting for confirmation.

      Yes the way the premium ranks take over the screen is a pain.

      The clam reward glitch as in the rank Clams or the other clam loop where a few Clams are awarded and taken away continually.


  2. update 2.1.2. Still problems: There is no turkey Meg. In the mystery box someone also found a skin for Peter (Peter with beard). In historical society I took Satan, but an action is blocked because it requires hellmouth


    • Firstly try and see if Hellmouth is available to buy in the store, if not message game support, they’ll help you.

      Turkey Meg I’m still dying to get an answer on this – sorry can’t tell you more just now


  3. Glad to see the unlock and clam glitch is fixed, some more progress made until I ran out of sufficient medals.

    Don’t like the clam purchases taking up so much space at the top of the QHS screen.


  4. OK, good news and bad news. The good news: It just unlocked the ranks and I was just able to add like 10 new characters. I cleared ranks 3-10 in like 60 seconds. The bad news: I didn’t get awarded any of the 25-clam bonuses for unlocking those ranks (nor for ranks 1 and 2 from weeks ago). So now I’m owed 10 x 25 clams, so 250 clams they owe me. Want to contact them for yet another software fix by the programmers? Time for an update on their update. Anyone else having this problem?


    • No, I got all the clams for the ranks fine, just unlocked them all to 12, also not had any other comments about this since the update. You will need to contact support and ask them to check your game to see what’s happening in it. I’ll do same if more players complain they have the issue.


    • I thought the same thing, but before unlocking all the levels I took note of my clam total, and while it didn’t visibly drop any clams, the total went up by 25 every new level I unlocked.


  5. It did not fix the Turkey Meg not being in the prize list issue, though, so still unable to obtain her.


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