Quahog Historical Society New Premium Rank

Hi history buffs!

Quahog Historical Society has finally arrived in our games and I thought I’d do regular posts covering the ranks that open every week.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Clicking on any of the character/costume names below will take you to their profile.

Please note this is a limited time set of characters/costumes that can only be bought for Clams.

If you want more information on QuahOg HISTORICAL Society click here!!!

Limited Time Premium Rank 

***Please be aware all of these appear in the normal QHS ranks to buy with Medals, so if you’re happy to wait you’ll see them available there eventually***

Characters/Costumes Required To Complete Collection: Steroid Stewie, Crab Fisherman Seamus, Steel Throne Dragon & Chemically Castrated Chris

***Please note Johnny is available for me to buy even although I already have him***

What do you think of the new premium Rank set?  Are you having fun collecting old characters and costumes?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

4 responses to “Quahog Historical Society New Premium Rank

  1. Actually, as of now, I have a double set of Johnny as well as Vaudeville Guy (at different levels so there’s definitely two pairs of character) but for what it’s worth, they also have separate clam rewards in the FaceSpace “Guests” tab. I previously had two of Vaudeville Guy but only one Johnny, so I thought I might as well have the full double set rather than one completed ant the other still lacking one character. Both of the Event Collections are named “Ghosts of Vaudeville” just to make things slightly more weird

    In a similar way I also have two different versions of some buildings. These include Borg Cube 63697, Infinizap Battery Factory, Seven Flags Atlantis, and Dansu Dansu, but there are probably more examples including some decorations as well. They sure look identical, but they behave like different buildings inasmuch as they don’t stack together in the inventory like other pluralistic buildings, plus for the Borg Cube only one has the red “ANIMATED” label attached in the inventory (even though they are both animated, albeit not in sync with each other) while for Dansu Dansu there are two different actions for Jesus to “Go Partying” and if one of these buildings are in my inventory, there will only be one of the identical-looking actions available, the other action indicating that it requires Dansu Dansu

    Sometimes this game just has some really weird things going on, stuff that even science will probably never be able to explain…


    • Yeah I’ve got the same with the Vaudeville Guys. There’s few quirks happened over the 5 years, sounds like you’ve picked up most of them 😀


      • Yeah, but Johnny actually appears in two different ranks for Quahog Historical Society (117 and 119) so it doesn’t really seem to be an unintended quirk, as it’s officially acknowledged that there’s supposed to be more than one of Johnny (and Vaudeville Guy, if you’re taking the double clam awards in account)


        • It is a glitch, they’ve known about it since it first appeared due to another glitch during the event the characters first arrived in. Whether they can’t fix it or haven’t chose to fix it I don’t know, but it was never deliberate.


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