Final Party – Patches Tip!!!

Just a quick post to remind you Patches is available in the Quahog Historical Society for medals.

You can see him quite early, in Rank 9, so you may wish to ignore him in the current Final Party event and just concentrate on White Suit Seamus. This means also ignoring the Questline and only placing the buildings that drop items for White Suit Seamus. These are the: “Going On A Limb” Wooden Appendages which drops Ship Wheels and the Dirty Maid Bar which drops Treasure Maps.

However there is one upside to unlocking Patches in the event and that’s you’ll get 1 Trophy for doing so, which can of course be converted to 1000 Medals.

10 responses to “Final Party – Patches Tip!!!

  1. Unlocking Patches through the event does give a trophy, so it is worth unlocking him if people have the spare materials. I’m still working on Seamus, but I decided to go for Patches as well. The trophy is a big plus.


  2. I already have patches from before but he has still turned up to be unlocked


  3. Spot the dozey one who placed Patches building/ garden and then realised he was available in the QHS, that’s what I get for playing when I’m half asleep, oh well.


  4. I bought patches yesterday but now I have to unlock him, boo.


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