Final Party – White Suit Seamus Tip!!!

Just another quick post to remind you you can just concentrate on unlocking White Suit Seamus in the Final Party event as Patches is available in the Quahog Historical Society for medals.

White Suit Seamus

If you want to concentrate on just unlocking White Suit Seamus this means  ignoring the main Questline and only initially prioritising placing the buildings that drop items for White Suit Seamus. These are the: “Going On A Limb” Wooden Appendages which drops Ship Wheels and the Dirty Maid Bar which drops Treasure Maps.

7 responses to “Final Party – White Suit Seamus Tip!!!

  1. I would recommend getting Patches rather than getting him from who; once you get him you get a trophy for 1000 medals that can be used to get another character rather than using 320 medals to just get patches when you can get him another way


  2. wish id have read this before i placed them both!
    never mind. makes it more interesting for the next few days.

    if i miss out on Patches as part of the event, i’ll still be able to collect him as part of QHS once i reach level 9 right?


  3. I’m going after White Suit Seamus first as he’ll compete a clam collection…don’t care much for Patches, and as RT pointed out, he’ll be available in the QHS…anything after that is great, not worried about the main questline, if it happens, I’ll take the 5 clams, if not, it’s fine…


  4. Which one do you recommend placing first:
    “Going On A Limb” or the Dirty Maid Bar?


    • I’d go with Dirty Maid Bar as the drops of Treasure Maps are rare and cost to buy out these is much higher than the Ship Wherls, however no one else drops the Ship Wherls so that might tempt some players chose the Out On A Limb first


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