Quahog Historical Society Characters/Costumes Requiring Buildings For Questlines Update

Just wanted to put up an update to let you know the game team is still working on a permanent fix to make original buildings available for returning characters. They are very aware of players being unable to complete Questlines because they are missing buildings required to progress.

I want to thank everyone who replied in my original post tell me the buildings they needed and also thank you for your patience. Your current options are to wait fir the fix, which I advise, or to open a ticket with support requesting the buildings you need. But please try to only do this if you have an excess of Questlines building up, otherwise support will be flooded with these kind of tickets. This sometimes means issues where players need urgent help get lost in this influx of non urgent tickets.

Thanks in advance.

~ Russian Tigger

24 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Characters/Costumes Requiring Buildings For Questlines Update

  1. With the newest update, its supposed to have put missing buildings into your inventory. Ive had none. I contacted support many times and they asked for list of all missing buildings from historical society characters. Problem is, im not sure which all characters have a building. And thats all they say, is let them know which buildings i need. Im so frustrated, im ready to delete game.


    • I replied on your other comment, you’ll know if you’re missing a building as there will be a Questline part requiring it. If you’re nit stuck at any quest parts you don’t need any buildings added. Not every character in QHS comes with a building.


  2. hi, can you make a list of all the Quahog Historical Society’s characters who needed buildings (like Consuela with her house and Satan with Hellhouse), just to make sure I didn’t miss a building on other characters.


    • *hellmouth


    • Sorry it would take me too long to go through all the years of the game, you tend to know if you’ve missed one as it’s required for part of Questline. If I ever have time I’ll try have a look but I don’t At this time – sorry.


    • Im on level 24 of historical society characters. Ive gotten hellmouth, bare bear tanning salon (had to buy), and deaths moms house(had to buy). But have no clue which buildings needed / that go with other characters. Support is NO help , they just say give them list of missing bldgs.


      • You’ll know if there’s any buildings you need as you’ll not be able to complete the character or costumes Questline without it. So if you’re stuck at a Questline part that requires a building you don’t have those are ones you need to list. Many others don’t have a building associated with them so you might have got all of them if nit stuck on any quest parts.


  3. Any word yet on when they will be releasing Hellmouth?


  4. I too was waiting for Hellmouth and in view of the comments here I had held off contacting support. It then so happened that I had to contact them with an unrelated problem so just mentioned that I knew there was an issue and although they are having to look into my main problem they came back almost immediately to say that Hellmouth had been placed in my inventory. It was definitely necessary to force close the game but that worked and Satan is now on his way through the 24 hour task.


  5. When support contacted me to let me know that they populated my game with that building they gave me instructions on force closing and reopening my game with a support link to follow if I had any questions right in the message. They made it easy and made sure I had everything I needed. Perhaps force closing and reopening the app will work for you as well.


    • Thanks for that. But I also force closed my app first (skimmed the instructions, because I already knew how to do this).

      To be fair, I didn’t realize that Support had responded to my earlier message for a week. I could have sworn, there used to be a red Update dot, when Support replied to your message.


  6. I contacted support last night about needing Hellmouth for Satan. This afternoon I got a message back saying they placed it in my Invetory. I brought up Satans task list, clicked on the “go” for the Hellmouth needed task, it took me right to the building in my invetory. Clicked it & placed it, Satan in there now. So it ended up working in my game, I’m currently using ios if that makes a difference.


  7. I was one of the early reporters of this issue, so I had already contacted support about it on your suggestion. So, in theory, I have a different issue.

    Support responded indicating they had placed the Hellmouth into my Inventory. But I cannot find it!

    I’ve searched through my Inventory of Buildings and it does not appear there.

    I tried to search through the Decorations, but the game seems to crash after loading too many items, so I can never scroll to the end.

    From what I can find in the archives, Satan w/ Hellmouth was from Evil Week in 2015. But there is no such subdivision for that event in the Inventory filters, so I can only search through all the buildings (it’s over 400 buildings in there). I can’t even attempt that search on Decorations, because the game eventually crashes whenever I load too many items.

    Does anyone know if the Hellmouth is disguised as something else? Or if they know where the Hellmouth can be found.


    • If you click on the task in Satans Questline does it not take you to it?


      • I tried that as well. Hoping it would save me from searching my Inventory.

        Clicking on the Questline task brings up Satan’s Task list. Then clicking on any of the three tasks which require Hellmouth causes the camera to center on Satan.


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