Bad news if you don’t have Stewie….

I feel like I’m the Grinch and Scrooge all rolled into one bringing you this message at Christmas, but I’m afraid if you’ve not unlocked Stewie Griffin yet, you won’t be able to progress past this week of the Quahog Christmas Crawl event. I’m really sorry, I have raised this issue with support, but as it stands Christmas is cancelled for newer players.

If anything changes I’ll let you know, but once again sorry to burst your Christmas bubble.

Russian Tigger

6 responses to “Bad news if you don’t have Stewie….

  1. That’s not very christmas-y of them. IIRC Stewie was a pain to unlock too because of a super poor drop for, Platonium? I think. I don’t know it’s been years since I’ve had to unlock him lol


    • Yeah it’s not the best but the way game was set up from start caused this in a way, Stewie should been an earlier unlock in order he could be used in events.


      • the irony here is until recently stewie was rarely used in events and long term players used to bemoan the fact he was overlooked, similarly with brian, and it always came down to peter, chris, or lois.
        recently though stewie has been involved in some capacity and peter just forced to wander round town because you couldn’t put himin tan lines out of the way (at least now he can do a gold medal task)


        • They’ve used Stewie before and it’s not an issue until they use him or Brian in the main Questlines, that’s when players can’t continue. Had it not long ago with Brian and they tried to help players by changing Questline but then they still couldn’t progress as needed the Brian costume.I’ve also felt that Stewie & Brian should have been unlocked much earlier in the core game so they can be used more.


  2. I’m sure in the past when a character costume was required for an event but you didnt have the base character unlocked when you unlocked the costume needed for the event it opened up the character too.

    I mean im going back a few yrs to a Nuclear Apocalpyse event but I unlocked Clevemire, the Cleveland Quagmire mutant hybird which is a Cleveland “costume”, and was able to use it as part of the event but the game still wanted me to pay clams to unlock proper Cleveland.


    • Yes, you used to be able to and still can sometimes unlock and store a costume until you got the character, that not in the events where the unlocked costume plays a part in the main Questline, unfortunately part 7 requires Christmas Gnome Stewie and therefore players are stuck. Not the best Christmas gift to new players


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