Update Alert – App Version 2.1.4!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore, App Version 2.1.4.  This mainly deals with Quahog Historical Society, including fixing the missing medals and character building issues some of you have.

~ Russian Tigger

14 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 2.1.4!!!

  1. I’m on version 2.1.3. And there is no update in the Play store. When I search for it, it comes up, but as version 2.1.3. I need Hellsmouth in order to continue Satan’s Quest Chain. I’ve contacted Tinyco/Jam City (Dec 21), I think they are all still on vacation. =\


    • I’m on version 2.1.4 but few other players can’t update either, hopefully see a fix soon. There’s limited support over the holidays, hopefully they’ll sort you out with Hellmouth once they are over


      • I have the update, and for *other* characters, this problem seems to be fixed – i.e. I had a building show up in the in-game store to be purchased with coins, once a new QHS character needed it. But Satan appears to be different – Hellmouth still has not appeared for me, either, so his quest line is stuck and there are three tasks he can’t do without it. It’s been this way for weeks (it’s now Jan 2). Sadly, I cannot even contact TinyCo support – when I try to open the chat function, it lets me type out a message, but it tells me the message has failed to send. I’ve tried multiple times and it fails every time. I was starting to think maybe there just isn’t a support function any more, but is this just me? What can I do?


  2. Anyone getting a LOT more Consuela of Death screens lately? Having played from the beginning I’ve been thinking I have too many objects in my game so I’ve tried putting things away and sometimes people in Tan Lines. It’ll seem fine for awhile as a send people to Go for the Gold only for her to come up with her “No nooo is nooo.” Force close the app, restart and find most of my put away/clean up work undone. It’s frustrating. I’m about to contact support for suggestions but thought I’d check in here too as this community is far more receptive.


    • Not seeing any rise in comments regarding crashing but I think when QHS launched a few weeks ago there was a spike of crashing and game going slow. Most likely due to us releasing all our characters from Tan Lines. Possibly depends on what devices we’re playing on. I’ve had no crashing issues due to game play personally but I did have the QHS scrolling crash until the update.


  3. There’s a dedicated QHS building for all the ‘Go for the Gold’ tasks now!!!!

    I’d still like for them to integrate Tan Lines into the QHS so earning medals doesn’t take up so much playing time, but my other two requests from the QHS launch (put GftG tasks at the top of action menus and move them out of the Griffin house) have both already happened. It’s a Christmas miracle!!!


  4. An actual Historical Society Museum!! Lois kicked all the gold diggers out of her house!!!


  5. Update 2.1.4, done… same problem with Satan. I don’t find hellmouth. Every time I write to assistance, they don’t answer


    • They are getting lots of requests so it may take some time – if you got Satan before the update it might be why you don’t see any change. But there’s no rush to complete the Questline so wait and they’ll get back to you


  6. Google Play is still showing version 2.1.3 for me 😭 I really want to finish the quests for Satan, Human Rupert and Consuela and I can’t until I get their buildings. On the up side, at least when going for gold it appears at the top of the characters lists now 😁


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