Tell Jam City what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2020

So the New Year partying is over, the fireworks have burnt out, the season of goodwill is behind us and the Best of event is underway in our games. Yes looks like 2020 is here to stay, well for another 362 days at least.

What’s a FGQFS Addict to do once the party’s over and the daily grind has returned? Well apart from enjoying breaking all those new year resolutions, how’s about helping Jam City to make some? C’mon lift your 2020 already weary heads from their Sunday slumbers and take this once in a blue moon, ok once in a year, opportunity to tell Jam City what YOU want to see in the Family Guy The Quest for Stuff game in the year ahead.


What would you like to see more or what would you like to see less of? What new characters or features would you like to see? Is there any changes you’d like to see to the layout of the game, the inventory, anything at all?

Basically this is to ask you to help them make the game better, so share your thoughts with us in the comments and let’s help Jam City make 2020 the year the game gets great again!!!

Also please take a minute to vote on 2019’s events by looking at the Year in review list here.

~ Russian Tigger

54 responses to “Tell Jam City what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2020

  1. There are several things (most minor), but these are the items I desperately want (I’m sure others would agree):

    1.] I want a search option for the inventory, it’s way too difficult to find anything and time consuming.

    2.] I want the Historical Society (GREAT idea, HORRIBLE execution), as a compromise to not making it super easy, to be similar to Tan Lines where I select ‘X’ characters to put in except upon the 8hr task completion they are all released with one tap. (Tapping twice for each character, once to assign task and again to complete is time consuming, ESPECIALLY with hundreds of characters – assuming it takes 1-2 seconds minimum for each character would be upwards of 10-15 min+)

    3.] I want at least 1 (one) week break between major events (no mini events or anything else so I can play catch up/finish questlines or finish advancing and unlocking districts)

    4.] I want buildings/decorations I already own to count towards questlines, therefore removing the need to purchase a duplicate with difficult to obtain/time consuming event currency (especially when it will most likely be useless and in storage after the event).

    I feel these are all easy and reasonable requests that don’t affect premium players and keeps freemium players interested.


  2. All of the previous suggestions are valid and important. But the thing I miss most, and what drawn me to this game in the first place, is humor. Comedy. This style, that tv show brought us. I don’t want to see ‘Good job”‘ after completing a task. I want some of this sharp, Family Guy wit. Plus new dialog lines, for existing and new characters.


  3. I don’t know if they did it, but a Something Something Dark Side major event would be nice.


  4. A Christmas skin to decorate the Griffin house. I’ve been asking TinyCo for the past 3 years to offer one to go with Joe’s house, Quagmire’s house, and Herbert’s house. The Griffin house looks a little strange not being decorated. I would actually like more event skins in general. An Adam West High School skin maybe?


  5. Jan Vallejo de Vries

    Russian tigger, I do have a problem. I wanted to play the game on my I-pad and I am back at level 1, instead of level 68 with over 80 caracters. What can I do about it?


    • Did you save your level 68 game to an account. If so follow these instructions: If you see a level 1 game and created an account on a higher level game, follow these steps to restore your progress.

      1. If you linked your game to a Facebook account, make sure you are signed in to that account on your device’s Facebook App.
      2. Play through the tutorial until the Menu button appears (9 squares in the bottom left) and tap it.
      3. Tap “Account Info” to bring up the accounts page.
      4. Tap “Change User” to select the option you originally used to log in. Once you see your Level 68 game tap LOAD.


  6. Jennifer Winston

    -Gonna need more land soon
    -more stuff with stewie bucks
    -more stuff with money/coins
    -different prizes for daily spin. I’m guessing we are all at MAX XPso we can’t up anymore. We don’t need more money cause we are never spending it
    -something with tan lines since all our characters are doing the medal missions
    -maybe … something crazy… like another area, like “neighborhood”… make a button to jump to another screen to add our buildings if not gonna put anymore land. Sorta like the portal or “multiverse”. Sooner or later with all the buildings we have we aren’t gonna have enough room for even 1 block of street for our characters to walk on. The game is to “find stuff” and also to create our own Qoahog but we can’t do that with not enough space.


  7. I’d like to see a “Road to” type of event with Stewie and Brian. Maybe Rupert could get lost somewhere in the game and when found you would win a prize. He has to be hidden well, though.

    I really like the seasonal events, but wish they would last a month at least and the game to be decorated more. For example just having snow at Christmas seemed boring. I’ve played other games where the snow was falling, decorations and buildings that you’d already placed were covered, etc.

    Thanks for asking for ideas, etc – very much appreciated.


  8. Pretty please, with a cherry on the top,… Human Rupert and the Devil, can i please, please have their respective buildings so i can finish they questline??
    Everytime i click on them to do this task, it just jumps to the next characters list of things to do.
    I’ve messaged them several times now, and i appreciate it’s still classed as xmas time, but this is getting beyond a joke right now.
    I’m gonna give it till the end of January and if it’s not fixed by then, i’ll just delete the game. I’m fed up of having issues and never getting any response from them.
    For 2020, i’d like them to release the building in the inventory the same time as you unlock the character/skin.
    Or even before, added to your inventory as soon as they are reveiled in the Historical listings, save anyone else having the headaches i have 🙂
    Finally, to add to the top bit, i have uninstalled several times and reinstalled, as well as switch off my phone, which i do at least once a day anyway for other reasons.
    Thank you 🙂


    • I’ve spoke to them and support will add the buildings in at this time, but there should be a different way to get the buildings going forward


  9. I wish there was a way to get licensed characters from other events and celebrities, for example, characters I missed like Dc or McLovin and Cher Horowitz, some celebrities like Avril Lavigne or Benedict Cumberbatch who have never returned since the events in which they were added. I would also like to see future events added characters that appeared in the show once time.


  10. Cherry Bakewell

    Please bring back the American Dad characters, especially the less common ones that I don’t already have (Francine, Steve and Hayley; also Klaus if he was ever released); preferably for players to earn in some reasonable way and not eleventybillion clams. Thankyou!


  11. I’d like to see something done with stewie bucks and the 20 million coins i have just sitting there…


  12. Michiel Klaassen

    Hi clammers,

    Great idea to help support the ideas for new characters and costumes in the game! First, it would be cool if they could incorporate more episodes of the current season in this game, like Disney’s the reboot or Peter & Lois wedding.
    A cruise quest would also be nice, with the episode Yacht Rocky and the earlier episode of the American coast guard.
    I also always like the multiverse quests, which could be done with the episode Heart Burn of the latest season or the Modern family and other cross-overs in previous seasons.

    I also don’t know what happened to some of the characters. As I would love to also include Carol Pewterschmidt/West in my game (now more and more are becomming available in the society.

    Also a new area to unlock would be nice, as I have way to many buildings right now.

    These are my suggestions! What do you think?


  13. Michiel Klaassen

    Hi clammers,

    Great idea to help support the ideas for new characters and costumes in the game! First, it would be cool if they could incorporate more episodes of the current season in this game, like Disney’s the reboot or Peter & Lois wedding.
    A cruise quest would also be nice, with the episode Yacht Rocky and the earlier episode of the American coast guard.
    I also always like the multiverse quests, which could be done with the episode Heart Burn of the latest season or the Modern family and other cross-overs in previous seasons.

    I also don’t know what happened to some of the characters. As I would love to also include Carol Pewterschmidt/West in my game (now more and more are becomming available in the society.

    Also a new area to unlock would be nice, as I have way to many buildings right now.

    These are my suggestions! What do you think?


  14. More testing before updates are released. An end to the “Clam loop” bug. My Facebook friends restored (again). A proper character search facility. A better inventory – maybe full screen?


  15. TC/JC, here’s what I’d like to see be introduced in the game throughout the year 2020:


    Extend the concept of Christmas 2016 (where you introduced video game characters like Pac-Man, Q-bert, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong) and have a new major, month-long event where we can unlock new iconic video game characters of different franchises like Super Mario, Sonic and Megaman.

    Another suggestion could be to have a month-long event where we can unlock video game characters of a particular company, such as Sony’s Playstation iconic characters, which could feature Nathan Drake, Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Sackboy, etc.


    Other major-long events which you could introduce in the game could be:


    Throughout the seasons of Family Guy, we got to see many iconic cartoon characters in various FG episodes from different studios but were never featured in the game since the game launched back in 2014!

    As you already had struck a deal using Warner Brother’s Justice League heroes, I would suggest to negotiate a new deal to use the many Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters that were featured in various episodes of Family Guy, such as Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, Yogi Bear and Jonny Quest. You may see more for yourself by following the link here:

    Not only WB’s H-B characters were featured in FG but even various Looney Tunes characters were featured in several FG episodes, such as Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. You may see more for yourself by following the link here:

    If you could strike a new deal with WB to use the various Hanna-Barbera and/or Looney Tunes characters, you could have enough new content that could last two major events!


    Have a month-long event on the era of the 1930s classic ‘silent’ films and characters, which could include:

    * Peter’s ancestor Willie “Black-Eyed” Griffin (
    * King Kong (including its classic skyscraper building)
    * Charlie Chaplin
    * Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy
    * Popeye the Sailor
    * Betty Boop
    * Felix the Cat

    As regards to character costumes, it could feature Peter and Brian to the way Peter and Brian used to be in a segment called “Peter And Brian: Fixin’ The Shed” in their 1930s flashback as can be seen here:


    Have a month-long event on “Back to the Future” franchise, where each week would have the player visit a new “era” in time, similar to the Bill & Ted event we had! We could unlock the classic BttF characters like Doc, Marty & Biff as well as have iconic Hill Valley buildings and decos, like the Clock Tower and a moving DeLorean car in our town!


    Make the players be able to re-use Tan Lines’ Stewie bucks as I have over 3k green bucks and 1k blue bucks but nothing to spend them on!!

    One suggestion would be to have those buildings/decos that were featured in the various event ‘hub’ areas but for some reason or another weren’t available for us players to be purchased in a mystery box with its event currency at the end of each event. These could include buildings from the event ‘hub’ area of events such as A Very Griffin Holo-Ween, Greek Life & Peter’s Prehistoric Park event to mention a few examples, where they were never made available to be purchased during the entirety of their own respective event.

    Another suggestion would be to bring back buildings/decos from past events that would originally have costed a certain number of clams or were featured in a clams-only mystery box but would now be re-purchasable using solely the Tan Lines’ Stewie bucks!

    This would give enough incentive for players both old and new to save up again enough Stewie bucks for the possibility in obtaining those previously missed items or characters from past events!


    For every level the player goes up, award clams or a deco/building which is exclusive just by reaching that particular level because, as it is at the moment, there is no incentive as such in levelling up to the max level (level 100); you just level up and that’s it.


    Have the majority of characters contribute to dropping an item for timed events, especially all the premium characters which have been paid for with real money. Almost every premium character introduced for an event is very useful for that particular event only. Once that event is over, the premium character becomes useless and is never to be utilized again for future character or costume item drops. Make these premium characters be worth the money that players spent on them!!


    Have a 7 day log-in system like Animation Throwdown, TSTO & Jetpack Joyride, where each day it rewards the player in some coins incrementing gradually, ex: day 1 (100 coins), day 2 (200 coins), etc. and on the 7th day, award clams or a random deco/building which is exclusive just through this 7 day log in system. Missing a day would reset the system back to day 1. In this way, it ensures players keep playing on a day-to-day basis and they can obtain some exclusive prizes as well.


    Allow for roads to be added anywhere around buildings and not at particular spaces to allow for more space to add more buildings and stuff. At the moment, if a road cannot be placed exactly behind buildings but a few spaces ahead, I have to always fill in that gap by inserting a row of trees.


    Have the ability to add other coloured flooring under our buildings and decos since having just a green base for certain buildings/decos (especially vehicles) seems a little odd at times:

    * have gray ’tiles’ to represent concrete (if the players would like to have an industrial/office/commerce “district” in town)
    * have white ’tiles’ to represent snow (if the players would like to have a Christmas/snowy “district” in town)
    * have orange/yellow ’tiles’ to represent dirt/sand (if the players would like to have a Western/Wild West “district” in town)
    * have water ’tiles’ to represent lakes/rivers

    This would add a more realistic feel and diverse look to our towns rather than just have a green base in ALL our town.


    Have a cancel task button option. Many a time I would have sent characters to do their 1-day tasks and then realize later that they’re needed for some item drop, thus, having to wait the next 24hrs until they become available once more or spend clams to speed up to finish their task.


    Introduce more districts more frequently because the last district (excluding the Tan Lines hotel) was introduced over three years ago!!!


    Introduce more homes/houses/apartments that could be added in our town as we currently have a very small number of houses and it’d be cool to build a whole neighbourhood with all the characters we have. Besides having more homes/houses/apartments, include as well more public buildings/shops/restaurants/etc. in general that aren’t tied to any themed event.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All great thoughts, thanks


    • I love all of those ideas! I’d also include I Love Lucy, Get Smart, Taxi, Lassie, Mr. Ed, ET, Home Alone, The Flintstones, Star Wars (Family Guy version), more Star Trek, Stargate, more WWE (including NXT), All Elite Wrestling, and now that Family Guy is owned by Disney, how about Marvel, Muppets, etc! I’d also love to see the return of characters like ALF 🙂


  16. 1. More land
    2. Much smaller buildings
    3. No more decos
    4. No more skins or costumes
    5. More playable characters
    6. Something to do with my 180 million coins and 62 Gold Stevie Bucks, such as Mystery Boxes for coins or bucks
    7. A button to send 300 characters to Go for the Gold all at once
    8. Increase the MAX counter to display progress up to Level 1,000
    9. A Stevie Shrink Ray to reduce all the big 10×10 buildings down to 5×5
    10. More Star Trek events and an opportunity to get Commander William Riker
    11. A fire drill button to empty out all Tan Lines characters at once
    12. Fix Raymond Teller to delete the two tasks that drop poker chips disks and ensure that Go for the Gold is the top listed task
    13. Fix the iOS interface glitch that prevents upload of screenshots from iPhones or iPads


  17. Since my game has been lagging for a long time I would like, for all characters who completed their tasks, something along the lines of the vacuum for collection coins. Something that can release them all at once.


    • Releasing them all at once might cause your game to crash if it’s already lagging, but a collect all for tasks isn’t a bad idea


  18. Having actual storylines again. That’s the only thing I want. I’d go back to playing if they did.


  19. There’s a lot I’d like to see. There were several crossovers in the shows that I’d like to see integrated in this game. Family Guy/American Dad, Family Guy/The Simpson, Family Guy/The Grinch (apparently that was a crossover), Family Guy/The Peanuts, and etc. Also, not sure if this was a cross over, but they had a Harry Potter skit in the show, I’d like to see that.

    As for the game itself, I like the layout and what not, but I wish we could see more cutscenes for the game similar to how you did the intro. Maybe before a new event or when an event ends?

    Also, I hate how we have to organize the houses/places ourselves. I’d like to see an actual neighborhood where we don’t have to guess where each building should go.

    That’s all I can really think of at the moment though, so.


  20. Um…put everyone to Go For Gold task are one click. Like everyone asked for a month ago lol


  21. I still have quite a bit of land still left to unlock so I’d like for the coin drops on the buildings and characters time to be lowered, or the coin amount to be raised.


  22. more pro sports related events like NFL, MLB, NHL, etc or another WWE wrestling event. Also the historical society building is good having all characters in one place but i need to spend 10 minutes clicking on 200+ individual characters to send them back on 8 hour medal tasks. Tan Lines doesn’t have any use so you should put all characters in there and once every 8 hours click on the building and it gives you the medals, not needing to take a ton of characters in/out manually which takes forever


  23. southbeacharchi

    Please make new items available for purchase with Stewie bucks. I earned thousands of bucks and they never touched what you could do with them after tan lines was initially rolled out.


  24. There is already a way to do this with the Quahog Historical Society, but I’m always up for having a new way to get older characters I didn’t have a chance to get before. I can’t complete most events in this game beyond the first 2 weeks, so I miss a lot of the characters and costumes. I am someone who would have to never sleep to complete an entire event. Even then, it would be close. I’d like to see as many past characters as possible come back available in some way to win them. I am someone who also can’t spend any actual money on the game, so I miss out on things that way as well. I know that the creators are in this to make money as well, but they won’t make any from me, so I understand if they don’t really want to do much more than they already have now.


    • Sorry in this I’m referring to ideas for completely new characters, ones never been in the game before. I’m going cover old characters especially the most sought after ones separately. Thanks for your thoughts.


  25. Please sort out the connection error that means I can’t play the game at all.


  26. First I’d say fix the bugs – on my account that involves having earned characters register their existence (Vaudeville guy/Johnny counting towards their set reward, Elf Stewie in Historical society), providing access to buildings that characters require (Hellsmouth for Satan), and having clams stick to your tally so you don’t have the same “Claim Clams” notification every time the game starts.
    Then get back to what made the game fun and unique from the beginning – voicing characters, adding FaceSpace comments on level-up.
    What convinced me to continue with the game started way back when Peterpalooza rewarded me with actual song tracks when earning characters like Avril Lavine and Snoop. How cool to get some real-life perks for playing the game. Would be great to see stuff like that again.


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