An Apology From Jam City!!!

Hi fellow addicts

You should all be back in your games now and hopefully be receiving a little gift of 50 Clams from Jam City to apologise for the downtime.

Peter will trigger the free Clams with a one part quest.

Simply click on Go and you’ll see the apology box.

Tap awesome and you’ll get your Clams.

And remember they’ve also reduced the requirements for Winter Stewie as well, you’ll find details HERE. Thumbs up to the guys at game support for this.

Russian Tigger

11 responses to “An Apology From Jam City!!!

  1. Sweet. Didn’t get any glitching issues but now 50 clams up.
    (Tbh I was out drinking last night and remember playing the game as I got into bed but when I woke up I wasn’t sure if I saw the apology message for real or if I’d dreamt it)


  2. I read in the update in the App Store that trophy characters now give you there buildings is that true I looked and I don’t have any new buildings in my inventory?


    • When you get them they come with their original building. But if you’ve already got the character before the recent updates you’ll need contact support to get any buildings needed for Questlines


  3. With the reduced requirements, I wound up getting Winter Stewie and finishing Week 2 on Thursday night — 18 hours after it dropped. The Teddy Bears were the slowest part. With this Trophy, I now have 10,000 extra Medals left over to clear Rank 29 of QHS rapidly. It’s going so well Freemium that I have accrued an extra 900 free clams that I never needs to use anymore. It’s awesome.


  4. Nice touch. I’m almost done with Part 7. Placed all 4 buildings. Cleared 3 of the 5 categories with check marks. 75% done with the other categories. Should be done with Week 2 by Friday morning in Florida — less than 48 hours after Phase 2 dropped. This was a nice and easy one. I just wish they gave up RPCs. Skins are useless.


  5. Agreed. As annoying as these issues may be, I try to remember they do try to make things right, and what a way. That was a tough questline to get 50 clams 😅.


  6. I must say….. TC is hitti g out of the park theses days…. Making up for these issues is….. We’ll very cool of them. Changing the unlock requirement for stewie and the 50 clam bonus was extremely nice of them.

    Besides that, the game itself has been very enjoyable again. Keep it up guys! And Thank You!

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