Winter Stewie Unlock Adjustment

Just dropping by to confirm that Jam City have changed the unlock requirements for Winter Stewie due to the lock out we suffered.

Winter Stewie Now requires:

8 Spare Robot Parts (Always): Get from Bribing Robot Snowman, Wild Winter Mystery Box
10 Hot Chocolates (Uncommon): Get from Rambo Los Send Slme Signals, Winter Brian Imitate Snow Dogs, Polar Bear Cleveland Sweat in His Costume, Top of the Peak Cafe
17 Sugar Packs (Common): Get from Bonnie Order Mountain Climbing Gear, The Steepest Tea Shop
30 Ice Cream (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Snowman, Wild Winter Mystery Box
12 Teddy Bears (Common): Get from Dr Hartman Prescribe Pills to Himself, Meg Munch on Protein Bars, Wild Winter Mystery Box

You’ll still earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking him.

~Russian Tigger

2 responses to “Winter Stewie Unlock Adjustment

  1. I just completed Winter Stewie, but it says “create now” and then wants clams. I have all of the required items. I contacted Jam City. Nothing.


    • You’ve missed the 5th item at the end of his requirements, there’s 5 different items not 4, you’ve like,y not got all the Teddy Bears


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