Unknown Character Error Fixed!!!

Hi fellow addicts

You should be back in the game!!! Please try your games now!!!

Russian Tigger

10 responses to “Unknown Character Error Fixed!!!

  1. I’m glad they fixed it quickly, but unfortunately for me, I deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone, and now I can’t get it back to the current state on the phone. Stuck on the very beginning. I had been playing on both my iPad and iPhone, and the games were synced, so I’d always pick up where I last left off, no matter what device was last used, but now I can’t seem to load whatever account allowed to game to sync onto the app on my phone. I think it’s tied to my email, because I can’t create an account with my email because it’s already in use, but it’s been so long that I don’t know the password. I tried the “forgot my password” link, but I then get the rocking TV icon for a while before it give an error and says try again later. I also tried different emails, but they immediately come back with invalid ID instead of try again later, so their account system knows my email. I’ve sent Jam City a message, and hopefully they can fix it, otherwise I won’t be able to play the game on my phone anymore since trying to catch up 4 1/2 years of gameplay isn’t paractical.


    • Hopefully with your email they can find your game – however is it still on your iPad, you can make get account details updated there


      • Support sent me a link to reset my password online and I was able to use it to log back on to my account on both devices and get them synced up again, so all is good again. For some reason, the in game forgot password option doesn’t work for me.


  2. Since the fix, has anyone else had trouble clicking on the video screen to watch ads for clams? It’s there, it has a bouncing clam over it, but it refuses to react to being clicked.


  3. Is it safe to download the new version now?


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