Wild Winter Week 3

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***Please note not all links will be immediately available***

Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Meg Reunion
Who Drops Event Currency This Week
Side Questline – Winter Meg
Side Questline – Yeti
FaceSpace Sets 
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll

9 responses to “Wild Winter Week 3

  1. I just had to update, hopefully to address blue vials & googles drops


  2. i contacted them about the blue water vials and they said they are dropping as they should but they gave me 4 blue vials as a gift …
    (i only have 20/40 red vials from the monster because i can’t get more than 3-4 blue ones from Lois and Stewie before he sleeps , i can’t make it past his level 3 which requires 5 vials) …
    the ski masks are also a problem but i managed to place 3/4 buildings with 15 masks to go for the last building but i doubt ill have them before Wednesday … they should make other characters drop the Red Vials , not just the Monster

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  3. These ski goggle “uncommon” drops are ridiculous. 15 tries between Chris and Bonnie and only 1 drop and you need them in order to unlock building. Fix this TinyCo!!! Beyond frustrating. Maybe you can share with them


  4. they made Winter Meg extra hard … it’s ok though .. challenge accepted !
    but really i’m not getting any blue vials from stewie and lois !!

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