The Mystery of Mercutio Joe & Bard Bruce…..

Just to confirm there’s a glitch that is seeing some of us are seeing 2 characters that aren’t supposed to be in our games yet, Mercutio Joe (visual is Pruson Quagmire) & Bard Bruce (visual is Prison Joe).

It’s a glitch and support are working on a fix, so don’t worry you’re not missing out on anything, you’re just seeing stuff a little early. Mercutio Joe will appear properly in Week 2 and Bard Bruce in Week 3.

Russian Tigger

10 responses to “The Mystery of Mercutio Joe & Bard Bruce…..

  1. Bard Bruce shows as Prison Joe for me. I tapped on BB in the store and when he “appeared” in Quahog it’s PJ. (On iOS, if it makes a difference.)


  2. When I placed what I thought was bard Bruce, it put down prison joe, which I already have unlocked for joe. Weird


  3. I haven’t seen Mercutio Joe, but I selected the “free” Bard Bruce from the store, but the character graphic is of Prison Joe, and the item graphics are for Prison Joe’s items, but item names appear to be stuff for Bard Bruce. No tasks to get any of the items either, other than buy with clams.

    Guess just wait for them to fix this.


  4. I did see the Bard Bruce and spawned him, but I am seeing Prison thug Joe instead and all the objects I need to collect for him (with valentine names). I did not unlock him during the event, so would be nice if I could now anyways.


  5. I clicked on Bard Bruce that was in the characters to purchase and Prison Joe appears instead of Bruce


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