App Version 2.3.2 Glitch – No Fix Yet!!!

As you know there’s some issues when updating to App Version 2.3.2.

It’s causing some crashing errors, lagging in games, especially when using Consuela’s Vaccum. It has also removed some players ability to use the fast forward feature or watch Clam TV.

Unfortunately there’s no fix as yet so if you’ve not updated then you might want to continue to hold off but be aware at some point your game may force the update upon you.

Sorry there’s no word of a fix yet but with so many asking if it’s fixed I thought I’d put up this post to say “No, it isn’t“.

8 responses to “App Version 2.3.2 Glitch – No Fix Yet!!!

  1. Wax Monster X

    Update just hit my game last night. Ugh. Slow, slower, slowest. WTD?


  2. I’m on Android and I still don’t have this update (I’m not really upset about that). I’ve even checked the PlayStore and it’s never been in there either.

    Don’t know if it’s related to the update, but I still don’t see Capulet Stewie in my game….he’s so far not been available to me at all.


    • The glitch with Capulet Stewie hasn’t been sorted hence you still don’t see him, the update you don’t see as yet didn’t fix that, it did break other stuff though 😀


  3. Mine auto updated now it’s crashing bad today another event ruined


  4. Suggestions? Should we say something…email support? Or just hang tight? As always….thanks for your sage advice!


  5. Thanks 4 the feedback. You’re doing a heck of a job! Our only place to vent our annoying nagging 😂🤭


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