Quahog Historical Society Quick Poll

Hey there Addicts, just wondered where you’ve got to unlocking ranks in QHS? Tell us by answering the poll below.

~ Russian Tigger

13 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Quick Poll

  1. New buttons and features in QHS. One letters you pay coins to buy Go for the Gold. What does the one to the right of that do?? I didn’t see you post on this topic.


  2. I could be further than 34 but I am seeing who is more beneficial, i.e. FaceSpace sets, new chars/costumes. I have a lot past my current level that have 3 already unlocked.


  3. 25. Been 25 for a month. Just don’t care anymore. 😐


  4. Getting the Trophy from Captain Peter yesterday gave me an extra 1,000 Medals saved up toward completing Rank 42 when it’s released. The Trophies are what keep me able to keep pace with clearing each QHS Rank as it is released on schedule. Otherwise, I’d be falling behind. I don’t know how long I can keep clicking and swiping left more than 1,000 times a day to send characters to Go for the Gold. Jam City has to find a better way.

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  5. Cherry Bakewell

    I’m unlocked up to rank 40 but only complete to rank 19 (plus 4 other higher ranks). Also already have all the slots in rank 41 filled, so looking forward to 25 free clams tomorrow when it unlocks.


  6. I vote 25.
    But got 4 of rank 1 til 8. Got 3 of rank 9 til 24. Got 2 of rank 25.


  7. Do you mean unlock (get 3/4 to unlock next rank) or complete (get all 4/4 on a rank)? I just try to get 3/4 to move on and don’t bother getting 4/4 because the costs are so high to get the last one.


  8. theres got to be a easier way to do it it to time consuming to set every single character ! do a select all button

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  9. been mainly getting new characters (so currently at 37), but going back to work on some of the costumes in order to get the clams.


    • same thing i’ve been doing.
      i’ll unlock the ones i dont have and skip costumes if i can.

      but, like Jay says, it’s time consuming sending dozens of characters on the task so half the time i dont even collect.
      when this new mini event dropped was the first time in about 3 days i decided to collect the medals, and really it was only because a few of the characters were in there that i needed for this event.


  10. Rank 19
    Yet to cash in a trophy. Just using characters until they’re max level

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