Addicts Site – Your Thoughts Please!!!

Hey there Addicts, looking for your input here. I’m continuing to raise your concerns about events with Jam City, but I’m wondering if we could better share our overall event thoughts by changing from using the current “End Of Event Poll” post to an “Event Feedback” post.

My thinking is that Jam City can pull stats, similar to what the current poll gathers, from their game servers but not the thoughts from our heads and I’m worried that by the time players complete the poll they don’t have the time or inclination to leave their thoughts.

These feedback thoughts are important as they can be used to show Jam City what you liked, disliked, where you struggled and such.

So I’m leaving the decision to you, the players and readers, do you want to continue with the current “End Of Event Poll” or try the new feedback format. I’m happy to put in a short poll on which freemium characters you unlocked  during the event in the feedback format as I know many like that information.

Anyway tell me what you want by voting in the poll below.

7 responses to “Addicts Site – Your Thoughts Please!!!

  1. I wrote an extensive comment on here, but it looks like it vanished (can’t see it pending moderation either). Oh well.


  2. I think a feedback is better than the polls. On a poll, one says where they are currently but cannot say why, low dropping rate, game has glitches so one can’t get characters from the mystery box, etc.


  3. I know this is not something you can do but given that Support can be slow, and sometimes there’s persistent issues they’re not aware of until you get an influx of comments, do you think they’d consider an official forum and/or Discord for their games? I know a few game companies have them now.


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