Main Questline: Drink Denied – Part 6 Warning

Hello Addicts!!!

For those of you that have been asking about Part 6 of the Questline I thought I’d put up a post to confirm you need to reach a balance of 777 Clovers not just collect 777 to clear the task part which reads:

Collect 777 Clovers

I’m warning you as another part of Part 6 is to place The Leprechaun Fountain, please DO NOT place this until you reach the 777 Clover balance, as spending that 500 Clovers will put you right back when trying to reach the balance of 777 Clover.

And as a reminder here’s where you can collect Clovers: Get from Chris, Joe, Mort, Lois, Meg, Bonnie, Bruce, Herbert, Leprechaun Brian, Beer Hall, Lucky Horseshoe Old Tavern (Feeling Lucky Horseshoe Tavern), End Of The Rainbow Bar, Clearing Green Guys, Clearing Green Gummy Bear, Completing Questline Parts, Four Leaf Clover Statue, Lucky Five Leaf Clover Statue

19 responses to “Main Questline: Drink Denied – Part 6 Warning

  1. Got to this 4 days ago since then bought the last 2 buildings before realizing why this is taking so long. Back down to 5 shamrocks so pissed. Thus is just stupid and annoying.


  2. Thank you.


  3. Sigh………..

    Well at least my FF came back

    Oh wait never mind


  4. Thanks, but noticed too late. They should have the a counter for that part of the quest show number collected regardless of how much is spent from the amount collected. I officially collected the amount required. Hope they consider that next time they have a quest line like that.


  5. I went ahead and purchased the fountain yesterday when I had enough figuring the fountain was necessary to complete Cleveland. I will have collected enough clovers to complete the 777 today but figured the fountain with rare drops was going to take time. So far it hasn’t dropped any items so Cleveland still waits after a days worth of fountain drops.

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  6. I’m afraid i read this too late,had 598 clovers put last building down and now im sad…😞


  7. stevens4isagod

    Got your warning too late.
    What a ** move. This has never been the case in the past!


  8. I don’t know where else to say this but my fast forward feature has disappeared all of a sudden. Is there anything I can do to get it back?


  9. So I moved ahead so rapidly that I unlocked the Cleveland costume and all 4 buildings — and I got both Trophies for this event before your warning. So now I’m trapped on Part 6 — with only 300 Shamrocks of the 777 needed. At this point, what is the fastest and most efficient way for me to churn out Shamrocks to finish Part 7? Go for 6 Green Men via Joe or defeat the Bear with Brian? Has anyone paid attention to which things drop the most Shamrocks the quickest?


    • The Green Guys are the easiest if you get them in investigations, but remember you’ll get them from tasks as well over the next couple days before Phase 2 hits


  10. Unfortunately saw this too late as I bought the Leprechaun Fountain this morning and dropped my clover total. This is a huge ripoff and very different than how they have done it in the past where it just counted how many you collected, regardless of whether you later spent them or not.

    With some of the things that have been going on in recent events, it seems the JC is deliberately making the game much harder to play and enjoy.


  11. I learned about this a little to late. I’m now back to 64 clovers. Not nice TinyCo, not nice at all.


  12. Is this a new phenomenon? I know “collect X currency” is a common quest item, but I can’t remember it ever actually requiring a certain balance be reached. It doesn’t seem right the way they did this, given that the fountain has a rare drop and thus it’s in our interest to place that as soon as possible. Given that it’s only Saturday, I’m sure it will turn out not to really be an issue, but even so…it just isn’t cricket, really. Kind of my out of place WTD. 😁


  13. really ? im still at rank 5
    thx for the heads up


  14. Thank you for the warning


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