Chocolatey Volcano Warning!!!

Some of you have noticed, and are commenting that you can buy multiples of the 6th Anniversary Monument in the Chocolatey Fountain.  I’ve reported this to support but wanted warn players to be wary of this in order you don’t spend Easter Eggs buying a second monument in error, especially when Phase 2 drops, as it would be a simple mistake to make to buy this again instead of the first building in Phase 2.

18 responses to “Chocolatey Volcano Warning!!!

  1. You can flip this deco and it becomes a 9


  2. I finished Week 1 on Saturday and am just stockpiling eggs, nets, and cages — plus medals for Rank 52 of QHS. Anything else you recommend doing to prepare for Week 2 right now?


  3. my game is crashing a lot
    im using iPhone 6 / iOs 12.4 smthg


  4. Yep. Got me. I’m out 200. 🙁


  5. Too late. I pressed by mistake and have now lost 200 easter eggs 😭


  6. Too late 🤦🏼‍♀️


  7. I have the same option to buy two but I’m on part 6 so I don’t need another one. Funny thing is the 6th anniversary that I do have is actually a 9 on my lot. Anyone else?


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