Tame Tiger Repair Confusion!!!

Some of you have been commenting and contacting game support to say you’ve repaired the Tame Tiger but it’s still not showing up in your game. This is due to you using Wildlife Meg’s Poison drop task link to take you to the Tame Tiger. Doing this let’s you see the repair box before you’ve actually found the Tame Tiger during an investigation.

Usually you only see the option to repair a baddie once you’ve completed the necessary investigation and found them but the item drop is taking you there prematurely, it instead should show a listing of the investigation rooms the Tame Tiger can be found in. Therefore once you repair it you’ll see nothing in the area and when you tap on the area you’ll get this. This is normal until you find the Tame Tiger during an investigation and not a fault in your game.

As well as the above if you tap in the top right area of the event screen you’ll see references to the Wild Tiger & Angry Tiger, don’t get fussed about these just now as they are for Phases2 & 3.


7 responses to “Tame Tiger Repair Confusion!!!

  1. I can’t find the tiger near the food shops 😣 any tips?


  2. The Tame Tiger has scaped? LOL.


  3. I finished Part 7 in both of my games Saturday morning β€” and I hit my goal of 200 million coins! Do you recommend I keep exploring and defeating tigers and gorillas β€” oh my β€” or should I just save up and hoard tickets for Week 2?


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