Glitch Alert – There’s A Guitar Playing Fly In The Ointment

Just wanted to put up a post about a growing glitch in the game that’s showed up since the Summer Stroke event ended. It seems to be affecting players who didn’t manage to unlock Guitar Playing Fly before the end.

When you log into your game a pop-up will appear saying you’ve earned Guitar Playing Fly but when you hit “Okay” your game freezes then starts to reload.

So far I’ve had one player who said fully shutting down their device then switching it on again cleared the issue but others have reported no success with this or reinstalling their games. Reinstalling is only something you should try if you’ve saved your game and got a note of your PlayerId squirreled away.

Therefore I’m afraid for the majority of you contacting support is your only option, and you can do this via the Jam City support Portal or by email. Please ensure you put your PlayerId in the contact or  email and of course details of the issue your having.

To go to their website and use the ‘Contact’ button:

To use email, the address to use is –

And before you ask you’ll find your PlayerId located on the bottom right of the loading screen, but I’d advise also having it wrote down somewhere safe.


9 responses to “Glitch Alert – There’s A Guitar Playing Fly In The Ointment

  1. 🗣 I just wanted to say …

    ℹ Those (using Android at least) who uninstall, should first clear the data before uninstalling as Google typically saves your data for faster reinstall, but there could be a corrupt saved file, so it’s best to start fresh and have the game re-download everything (may take a few minutes depending on your town size and how active it is (not sure about iOS, but if you have that option, do the same) …

    ⚠️ However, DO NOT uninstall unless you are connected to Facebook or have an email login for TinyCo as this is the ONLY way to reload your town on a new device or when reinstalling.


  2. moecyslack905

    Unfortunately nothing fixed my game but I have emailed support so just have to wait now.


  3. I’ve had that glitch too. Switching off and on again my tablet (Android) didn’t fix the problem. However, I relaunched the game a second time and suddenly it worked fine! I still don’t know why it happened.


  4. I guess jam city is trying to figure this out because I contacted them early this week & have not received an email from them in 2 days.


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