Alternate Quahogs Questline: Learn About Alternate Quahogs

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s look at the mini Questline that teaches us about the new feature Alternate Quahogs.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all the information contained in the Questline.

***Please note this feature is still being tested on selected Android & IOS games, so you may not see it as yet, I’ll put up an alert once it goes live for all players***

***The game requirements to see Alternate Quahogs once it’s fully live are having District 5 unlocked, having Al Harrington, and having completed the social questline that unlocks your ability to visit Ollieland and other players towns***

You can find a page full of posts on this new feature by clicking  HERE

 Learn About Alternate Quahogs Pt. 1

Learn About Alternate Quahogs: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Place Alternate Reality Portal: Tap on “GO” to be taken to this item in your store, costs 10,000 coins 

Completed Task 10  30  

 Learn About Alternate Quahogs  Pt. 2

Prepare For Alternate Quahogs: Tap on “GO” this will bring up a pop up that your game will reload, then the Ready To Reload screen, tap Sweet to continue 

Completed Task 10  30   

 Learn About Alternate Quahogs  Pt. 3

Buy Grassland: Tap on “GO” this will bring up the new game menu, you’ll see an indicator to tap on the new Alternate Quahogs Icon. Tap this and you’ll see the Grassland in your store to buy for 50,000 coins, click on it to see a pop up asking if you want to preview  this town, click Okay. Please note you don’t buy it by doing this. Once in the preview of the town you need to go into the store again and actually buy Grassland, you’ll then get a message you’ve unlocked this and can start to unlock land etc.

Completed Task 10  30 

There you have it, the mini Questline that will help you learn about the new feature..

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Alternate Quahogs Questline: Learn About Alternate Quahogs

  1. New iphone se and lauching into alternatives crashes it; usually OK when I restart and try again so it’s something in how the app is handling memory use. Can also crash when rapidly emptying the historical society at the start of the day. Perhaps less animated stuff, allow users to opts out of collecting new coins (when you have enough) and tidy it u.


  2. This is the worst thing ever. Is there anyway to delete this from my game? Taking me nearly 30 minutes trying to send people on historical quest for coins because everybody has a quest for the alternate quahog


  3. I’ve got quakea and I can get building materials but what I’m I suppose to do with them


  4. so far its good for getting rid of built up cash and stewie bucks thats it


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