It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie Phase 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Hey there!

Just popping in for a moment to remind you that if you that phase 2 should be starting sometime after 11am PDT on 23rd July, just incase your waiting for it to drop today.

17 responses to “It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie Phase 2 Coming Soon!!!!

  1. Where’s my week 2, Summer?


  2. I got to finish phase 1 and got my clams. But phase 2 doesn’t seem to start? Even reinstalled the game. Who do I need to have free in order to start phase 2?


  3. Thank you for the info, RT. 🙂


  4. Has week two started yet? It’s almost 10 on PDT and it hasn’t started for me yet and finished all week one’s tasks.


  5. Damn, so another whole day? The timer currently indicates 20d 16h, so we’ll have less time for subsequent weeks. Oh well.


  6. hi i was wondering, is the glitch where the character doesnt show up in the mystery box is still a thing?


  7. Thanks! Been hitting refresh since 10am just in case. Will send characters on tasks now.


  8. That’s good. I thought it was sooner.

    Just got two more whistles to go to get Brian and then can defeat Herbert too.


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