Alternate Quahogs – How Do I Get This Feature In My Game

Hello Addicts!!!

Getting lot queries from players concerned they aren’t seeing the full Alternate Quahogs features in their games so I thought I’d once again remind you all that the feature is NOT live in all games yet, it is still being tested in a small number of players games, this testing started last week on Android and then last night on IOS.

What’s confusing some of you  is you are seeing some items from this in your game such as the Alternate Quahog Portal in your store, but let me stress this once again, until the Learn About Alternate Quahogs Questline triggers in your game the feature is not fully live in your game. So ignore the Portal and anything else and be patient whilst they run the test games to iron out any issues.

Remember this is not a time limited event, it’s a new feature that’s not going away so you’re not missing out on anything having to wait, in fact you’ll benefit from any glitches being corrected before you see it.

The only thing you can do whilst you wait for this to go live in your games is play the current event and at the same time ensure you’ve met all the required requirements to see the new feature, and these are:

  • You must have District 5, (Pirate’s Cove), unlocked
  • You must have unlocked Al Harrington
  • You must have completed the Social questline that unlocks your ability to visit Ollieland and other players towns 

So work on the current event, and outwith that if you’re a newer player work towards meeting all the above requirements or you won’t see the feature even once it’s fully live in our games.

And remember I’ll put up an alert to tell you all when it goes live for everyone, which will hopefully be in the next week or so.

4 responses to “Alternate Quahogs – How Do I Get This Feature In My Game

  1. I tried placing the portal again then i put it straight in my inventory out of the way,it seems ok now!


  2. Would you still recommend waiting until an actual questline shows up? The other day the portal appeared for building, and last night I got an app store (iOS) game update that advertises the Alternate Quahog feature, but nothing else. I’m holding off, what with the bugs and all.

    I’m hoping that when the new feature does officially drop, maybe some of the “event pressure” will ease up a bit. Like if we have this shiny new thing, maybe they don’t need to do constant events. Might be a bit much to hope for, though 😅.


    • RussianTigger

      Yes, don’t place anything until the Questline asks for it just incase you hit issues, the Portal does nothing anyway


  3. I have it in both of my games — just like I have FF in both games. One of my games I started 5 years ago. The other game, I started like 6 months ago. Seems pretty random.


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