Alternate Quahogs – Just a heads up….

That over the next week or so I’m going to start putting up detailed posts regarding Alternate Quahogs, this doesn’t mean the feature is  live for everyone so don’t panic if you’ve not got it, it’s just me trying to get the information up so when the feature does go live all the information you’ll need is on the site for you. 

3 responses to “Alternate Quahogs – Just a heads up….

  1. So am I missing something?
    I have the new feature … I unlocked Grassland (*bought*) and have Workers clearing off the areas … I am also seeing that all my Characters now have new Tasks for Materials & Tools …
    BUT … What am I supposed to be doing here? OR – Are there supposed to be Quests that I am seeing for this? (Or, or… Do I need to unlock more before things will “kick in”?)


  2. It’s pretty good so far. I give it a B+. I’ve in,Ickes every Freemium block in Grassland. I spent a few million coins on it. And now I have come,Evelyn filled up,Grassland with buildings. I have also filled up Winterland with as many buildings as I could possibly cram into that space. There still isn’t nearly enough room for even half of my buildings. But this is better.

    They need like 5 more lands to open.


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