Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.2.0 & Android 3.2.0!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s  updates in the App Store and Google Playstore, App Versions IOS 3.2.0 and Android 3.2.0.  These mainly deals with preparing our games for Alternate Quahogs, and some general fixes, but it also brings us a fab new splash screen.

25 responses to “Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.2.0 & Android 3.2.0!!!

  1. I haven’t had a new splash screen in forever. I miss seeing them. Wasn’t sure we were still getting them. Anyone else have that issue? I suppose I can contact support about it.


  2. Still no update for me.


  3. Still no new update.


  4. Have iPhone 6 and updated to latest version 3.2.
    Unfortunately game won’t load as music plays for a few seconds and game crashes.


  5. Ahh. That helped. Turned out that for some reason the new update didn’t actually “update” the game after I selected the update for some reason. All good now- thanks!


  6. I have the new splash screen but since the update the game is nearly unplayable. It crashes constantly, I can maybe collect 3 or 4 completed tasks and that’s it. When I get it to reload it’s like I had never collected them. I contacted them via game and they reset it but it didn’t help. Any other suggestions? If it matters I play on a new iPad and have plenty of storage.


  7. Looks like this update has finally made FG:TQFS unplayable on my old iPhone 6. It’s crashing whenever I attempt an action or sometimes immediately after I load the game. 😦 Oh well, hopefully I can start playing again when the economy is better (under new management) & I can justify buying a newer model.


  8. Updated, restarted phone but still not seeing new splash screen- so unsure if updated correctly. Running iOS


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