Alternate Quahogs: Premium Land Block Warning

Hey there

I put this warning in a few posts but now the feature’s going live I’m putting up a post. Basically it’s just to warn you that some land blocks in the new lands are unlocked with Clams only and it’s very easy to do it be mistake.

Basically 3 of the new lands have 5 blocks that cost 100 Clans to unlock and myself and others have accidentally spent clams doing so. If you click on this premium land you’ll see th following box…

DO NOT CLICK OK, as this will instantly use your clams to unlock the block, you won’t get a confirmation box or option to cancel. Instead click elsewhere in the town to close the option.

Below is a map of the 3 lands with premium blocks, they are Grassland, Winterland & Desrtland. The premium blocks are in yellow, stay away from them if you don’t want to spend clams in error.

Grassland – click image to enlarge

Winterland – click image to enlarge

Desertland – click image to enlarge

9 responses to “Alternate Quahogs: Premium Land Block Warning

  1. I wish I read this a little earlier. I count myself also with the lucky ones, on how fast I spent clams on an accidental patch 🤭😂. Be careful everyone. It doesn’t ask for an extra confirmation 😅.


  2. I’ve already unlocked every piece of land available in the two I have (Grassland and Winterland). No way I’m paying 500 clams for the remaining spaces, nor paying 500 clams to unlock the third area.

    After inventing a new way to collect items to unlock along with actually using Stewie Bucks, they ruin it by making a third of it premium unlock. I would rather it be a ridiculous amount of character drops to unlock over having to pay clams!

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    • Yeah, they are seriously out of their minds thinking each area is worth $15-26 depending on clam price. I have 2800 in free clams and there’s no way I’m going to waste them on land.


      • I’m disappointed at these costs especially in the freemium lands, but also at how easy it is to unlock them in error, I’ve done it myself.

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  3. I spent 100 clams without knowing until it was too late. Not playing the alternate universe anyway though. Too tedious and not worth it. Waiting for it to run its course


  4. Just so you know I did accidentally spend 200 clams doing this when it first came out a couple weeks ago. I did reach out to support and they did refund me which was great. Be careful though as that’s not guaranteed for everyone every time.


    • RussianTigger

      I mentioned it to them at the start and they were sympathetic to how easy it was to do, so I always recommend approaching support and asked no nicely for them back


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