Stewie Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

It’s time to break out your pjs as the latest event to hit our games the Stewie  Event is here.

I’m seeing the full event on app versions Android 3.2.0 and IOS 3.2.0 and pulling all the info now to get the LIVE post up as soon as possible.

But let me repeat that this is a very short event so get working on getting Handsome Stewie ASAP!! (Please note if you’ve not got Giant Stewie, he’s also available to unlock, however remember that he’s also available in Rank 116 of QHS).  

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “Stewie Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

  1. what crashes, event going well.


  2. I temporarily fixed the crashing issue by deleting and reinstalling the game, then with this new event it made the crashing worse. I deleted and reinstalled again and now it won’t open at all. Not even for a single second. I have messaged the help team dozens of times over the years telling them to pause new events for a week or even a month and get their issues fixed so people can actually play the game. This is the only game that gives me any trouble. I don’t believe at all that they would lose more players with a month of no new content than they do with all the players unable to play the game without wanting to tear their hair out from frustration.


  3. I also can’t even complete the daily quests. I’ve already started it more than 20 times and with each crash the timer continues but the characters have yet to begin anything.


  4. I have been playing just over 30 minutes and am working on crash number 30. This event will be impossible to complete.


    • I’m having constant crashing as well, was nightmare to pull info for the event


      • It just keeps getting worse! I’m up to about 200+ crashes for the day. I played early this morning and gave up after about 50 crashes. My second “session” is around 150 crashes, and those are not exaggerations (I’ve been keeping track). I have spent more time trying to collect from a task than the task took to complete. I don’t even have to do anything. Just let the game open and within seconds it can crash. Anything I actually get to collect is just uncollected by the crashing, so it remains uncollected.
        The game is simply unplayable at this point.


      • Same here, constant crashes from start of this event. Unable to finish last event due to Connection Lost issues and no progress in the game being saved whatsoever as of week 4 part 1. Tried restarting device to see if crashing would stop. Actually appeared to be better (but so was first time I tried with this new event, before the crashes started to happen) and then the Connection Lost thing starts to happen again. Interesting thing about that, and this has been going on since long ago, is how the pop up with Consuela saying “Oh no, looks like we lost connection!” sometimes gets hidden behind the character tasks, and I’m able to continue selecting characters for tasks, as long as i only click the character finding square in the upper left corner, select their task, and then click that square in the corner again, repeating this over and over. By clicking anywhere else this immediately stops working though. In the end, I’m usually not seeing any progress being saved that I thought was made while doing this, as well as what I’ve done when the Connection Lost pop up is completely gone (it tends to go away after some time periodically when this problem occurs, at least when it first starts to happen in any given event, but the situation also appears to become progressively worse over the event)


  5. Mine has me unlocking Giant Stewie (rank 116) rather than Steroid Stewie.


  6. update to fix the lag would have been better hard to do in 5 days when its that bad


    • 100% in agreement. I left them that message through in-game support when I decided to stop playing the Fairy Tale event. It’s just painful to play right now. (For the record, I have a 4 month old Samsung tab A with 4GB of RAM. It runs TSTO and FWOT beautifully, and those are the only 3 apps I’ve added to the device.)


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