It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie – Glitch Feedback Page

I’m putting this up as I know many players haven’t been able to play the event due to a variety of glitches, I’d appreciate you giving your feedback on that here in order I can direct Jam City support to your issues.

I’d also appreciate ALL players completing the poll to give an idea how many players were impacted.



9 responses to “It’s A Wonderful Day For Pie – Glitch Feedback Page

  1. Pie was fine. Finished it early. New Stewie event has made the game crawl. Can’t get characters in or out of QHS. Crashing only when Consuela cleans .

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  2. One can only hope that the fact that over 50% of the respondents were unable to play might actually get them to fix it, but then again they dont seem all that concerned if they have put out another event already. I had the typical issues to start which progressed into completely unplayable to now if I try to log in I get a screen with issues about crashing. In and of itself that would atleast give me the impression that they were trying…… except one of the options is relative to crashing with a event from 2015. Oh well, I still enjoy this site!

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  3. No joy for me either. You’d think with 55% saying they couldn’t play the game They would have done something about it.

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  4. Glitches are still happening with this new event. Very sad I can’t play.


  5. Joshua Pritchard

    When I try to activate the “Earn Handsome Stewie” task, nothing happens. I have gone through everyone and started them on what I assume are collections for components, but I can’t confirm.


  6. The question in the poll is worded awkwardly…in my case, since I was able to play the full event, the correct answer was “no”. Just a heads up for folks to consider the question carefully.


  7. I had lots of issues with game crashes. It took 7-12 min for the game to load and open and when I start tasking, I got very little done (if anything at all) before it crashed again. It was very bad 8/11, and 8/12 I could not open the game at all. I’ve restarted several times and uninstalled/reinstalled twice. I did contact support during phase 1, but they didn’t respond and I only saw improvement when I changed my setting to low quality graphics. Phases 3 and 4 only got progressively worse.
    I quit the event 8/12 since I could not open the game, and I uninstalled again. I am waiting for the new event to start before I reinstall, in the hopes that there will be fewer glitches (or none).
    It would be helpful if support could email me responses instead of leaving them in-game, since the game doesn’t stay open long enough to check them.


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