Space Camp Phase 2 Addicts Area!!!

It’s time to go on our latest adventure as a new event is hitting our games.

Yup you asked for a readers page where you could share event tips & tricks and I’ve only gone and called your bluff and created one. So here’s where you can lay all your  event progress on the table for your fellow addicts to see.

And it’s also where you can share any strategies or advice. So c’mon Addicts let’s do this together.

Please remember to leave feedback on the last event by clicking here!!

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “Space Camp Phase 2 Addicts Area!!!

  1. How are people actually playing this event??? I’m playing on a brand new iPad with over 220 gigs of storage remaining. My town was nuked recently and only has the buildings that are actually being used regularly along with a small stretch of road. And my game has been crashing all day! I just nuked it AGAIN and was finally able to set my characters for the first time today. WTF?!?!


    • It’s very random what players games are impacted, hoping fix is coming soon


    • I’m playing on a 2-year old iPad that a week ago was unplayable. They did make some changes which improved the situation, but I find that the game is very sensitive to RAM usage (not to be confused with the 220G of *storage* memory you have available.)
      I finally figured out that if I force close all apps, then shut down and restart the iPad, play gets much more reliable. I think it has to do with memory used by other apps, and in some cases not released by those apps even when you close them. Restarting the iPad frees up that memory, and its then available for FG. I now go through this process anytime I have had several other apps open, or if FG starts to get sluggish or crashes unexpectedly.
      I also enabled the low-memory graphics option a long time ago. If you haven’t already done that, do so in the settings/settings menu.
      I still often get a crash about 200 characters into retrieving / sending characters to the Quahog Historical Society, but I can work with that.
      Good luck and let us know if that worked for you.


      • Thanks for trying help fellow players


      • I’m running the game on a 2109 iPad Air and the game has started crashing so frequently since this week started that the game is almost unplayable. Except for a browser ad blocker that I’ve been using for over a year, all other apps are closed on the iPad. I can also play the game on my 2018 iPhone Xs where I have a dozen or more apps in the background, and it’s a lot more stable, although it still occasionally crashes.


  2. Crashing just trying to clear one characters action at a time. That’s it for me for awhile. I’ll keep tabs on to see when/if they put a fix out. Good luck to all you clammers sticking it out!


  3. I thought it was annoying to check characters out of tan lines to use in events but it takes forever to get them out of the historical society with the lag and constant crashing. I may have to just abandon that until it gets fixed…..if it gets fixed


    • There’s an update in the Android store that fixed all the issues on my phone. I still can’t see the update on my emulators though, even if I uninstall/reinstall.


    • The thing that gets me is that the game is still unaware of characters in the historical society in that, if I need that character, it will focus on the building, but (and I am probably in the lighter end of this) if my 73 characters are all finished, I have no way of just getting a certain character out. I have to tap on the building, who knows what order they are coming out, and then keep tapping, usually until all of the characters are out and then I can choose the task and find the character. It doesn’t happen often and I am weaning out the characters that seem to get used in events back to Tan Lines. More growing pains I guess.


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