Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.4.5 & Android 3.4.5!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s updates in the App Store and Google Playstore, App Versions IOS 3.4.5 and Android 3.4.5.  This looks like a forced update so most of you should see it straight away, and it should fix some of the recent issues with players unable to play due to duplicated characters and constant crashing, however once again if you still have issues after updating please contact support ASAP and tell me in the comments.

If you have a connection error and characters not staying on tasks please contact game support, they can fix this for you, but it’s a manual fix.

The main update info is:

Fixed Duplicate Characters Glitch
Fixed Go For Gold Crash
Added Support For Abdroid 10

As well as this it added a new game icon, (I only see this on IOS), and loading screen, as always it’s a shame they wait so late to launch the event loading screen, as it’s great. The Icon looks like it should been related to this event but wasn’t used.

And best of all there is a 30 clam reward for doing the update, you’ll get this via a 1 Part Quest which also highlights the events 1 day extension.

15 responses to “Update Alert – App Version IOS 3.4.5 & Android 3.4.5!!!

  1. My game hasn’t worked proper for nearly a year just keeps crashing


    • Could be your device that can’t handle the game, but it’s worth emailing game support tomhave a look at your game save to see if something is corrupt


  2. Sorry if someone already asked this, but is it safe to buy e-stewieland yet without it causing any issues, or should I just avoid it all together?


    • I’ve got it in 1 game with no issues but in another it’s causing issues but that was with it unlocked as well, so if you’ve no problems with it unlocked I’d hope you’re one the lucky ones and can go ahead and work on it


  3. Yes. I messaged support, but I haven’t heard from them today.


  4. For this update on my android device, Ollieland has changed. Before, the characters were doing action tasks, like Lois stealing Meg’s diary, or Peter and Jerome doing their cool handshake, or Mort flying around on a menorah. Now, they are just wandering around town. That’s so boring. Is anybody else seeing this on Android, or even iOS?

    And why the change? Did the loading of Ollieland crashed the game for some players?


  5. Added to my earlier comment about the update, I uninstalled the app and now I can’t even find it in the appstore!


  6. My version of the game says there’s an update, but when I go to the Amazon appstore, there’s nothing available, so I’ve not been able to play since tuesday.


  7. I saw the upgrade notice last night- unfortunately, I don’t see an updated version available and clicking on the ‘Upgrade’ button on the loading screen only takes me to the same non-updated game screen in the app store.
    This also means that I will probably not be able finish the current event, despite the extension. It’s pretty frustrating.


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