Update – Clam Reward

Hello Addicts!!!

For those of you that haven’t seen or done the 3.4.5 update yet, here’s the details. Please note this appears to be a forced update so by delaying doing it you might not be able to play. I’ve updated on all my devices and found no issues as yet, so fingers crossed it’s going to give you some bonus Clams and not cause chaos.

Anyway you’ll be rewarded 30 Clams just for updating, and you’ll get the event extension message.

Once you tap go, you’ll see the following pop up which advises there is an event extension.

Basically tap Awesome and you’ll get your 30 Clams.

3 responses to “Update – Clam Reward

  1. 30 clams BIG FREAKING DEAL I lost 1 1/2 days of playing due to crashes, can’t complete the phase. They should give me the character for free


  2. Among other things, update 3.4.5 fixed the problem with the “send all to go for the gold” button causing the game to hang. Do this update if you haven’t yet.


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